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Hmm. If you cool voice coils and amplifiers with ln2, you will be able to produce more power to drive the elements.

That would be something totally new. Too bad the mechanical limits of subwoofers will destroy this perfect plan anyway :)


Maybe I need to build my own ln2 cooled subwoofer with 20kW power handling..haha.


-Hondacity.. what sort of system you have there? People really need to have good setups to listen this, cause I can not hear much with my hifi headphones.

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Actually we could make one large topic, cause there is more and more videos coming out.


I can not modify the title, so I need to ask Pieter to do it.


Feel free to post videos here and I will change the first post.

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Thanks for the green light, so here we go :)


Videos from AwardFabrik Crew-Bench-Team

Videos from AwardFabrik-Crew

Michael "no_name" Schnetzer


Rekord PC AMD Athlon FX60 [PC-Games Hardware]

PCGH in danger - Cebit-2010-Special - AwardFabrik, nothing can happen! :nice:


Boris "stummerwinter" Küntzler


Christopher "SoF" Groß

Saaya & SoF fun session @full weizen: 3D Mark Vantage 26817 points AMD 5870 @DICE [2010]

first tests with Gulftown and 5870 unter DICE [2010]





GIGABYTE GOOC 2009 Video Overview

MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2009 Video Overview[/b]


€: translated titles into english, OCTV badly needs a huge update I think :P

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Check out the hwbot news feeds of weeks/months ago. I was posting some old-school vids.


Sum it up here in a row, with dates and links please lazy massman :P Nobody wants to check your old news of weeks/months ago :D


€: or maybe let Christian do it for a bit of "crew-fame" LOL



Edited by SoF
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Using my databas skills so I can still be lazy!


All videos posted in news:


[OCTV] P55 Competition in Hamburg, Germany - The Video

Campus Party Europe 2010 - The Video

Antec shows off TPQ1200W OC running 1700W load (video)

Gigabyte GOOC2010 AU Finals - The Video

3DMark 11 Images and Video Inside! There will be FREE version!

MSI Radeon 5870 Four-Way Turbo Charged with LN2 By Deanzo

Hicookie running GTX480

SF3D benching the GTX 480

JMax-Hardware on Belgian Television

Overclocking-TV and Intel talking about overclocking

MSI MOA EU Final coming up!

How a motherboard is made – Futurelooks visits the GIGABYTE factory in Nanping

Overclocking-TV - GOOC 2010 - Pan Asia Finals Video Footage

Dino's Take on GIGABYTE GOOC 2010 - Pan Asia-Africa Finals

GIGABYTE GOOC 2010 China Regional Final in Mount Hua, China

[OCTV] MSI – MOA 2010 – Video and Winner Team Interview

Asetek Liquid Cooled All-In-One PC Delivers True Desktop Performance

Deanzo overclock GIGABYTE X58A-UD9 and Intel Core i7-980X with LN2 to 6.1GHz

Funky Kit - Gigabyte GOOC 2010 Finals - Mineralised Oil + LN2 Cooling

[OC-TV] GOOC EU Finals 2010 - Trailer

The Octopus Chooses GIGABYTE H55 Motherboards

Aussie T_M is back ... and we'll know it!

How to prepare your dead GIGABYTE X58A-UD9 for RMA

[OC-TV] GOOC 2010 Europe – The Aftermovie

[OC-TV] GOOC 2010 Europe – Interview with Massman & Gigabyte Spain Staff

The Monster - ASUS GTX 480 4-way SLI setup

GO OC 2010 - North America Regional Final - Bjorn3D.com

The Misunderstanding - Presented by AMD

Running Crysis game with Liqiud nitrogen cooling at Assembly 2010

Gigabyte Overclocking Championship 2010 - Liquid Nitrogen 5.5GHz OC & More!

EVGA SR-2 Benchmarks. 3D mark Vantage (Performance Run)

Break Time interview at GOOC 2010 N.A. with Grace

[OCTV] 3oh6 interviewed - GIGABYTE GOOC 2010 N.A. final

[OC-TV] Fugger gets interviewed at GOOC 2010 North America Final

[OCTV] Sno.lcn and Mikeguava interviewed at GOOC 2010 North America Final

GIGABYTE Announces GO OC 2010 (GIGABYTE Open Overclocking Championship) Worldwide Final

ROSS 2nd Runner-up of GOOC 2010 N.A. Final Interviewed

SF3D OC Inflection Point (in action)

Make food with computer? Nvidia 4-way SLI can easily do it!

MSI – MOA 2010 – Live Broadcast announced !

Assembly Summer 2010 - Can it run crysis? -Powered by Jimm's PC Store


MSI – MOA 2010 – Interviews with Team Belgium, Italy and Sweden

[OCTV] MSI MOA 2010 WorldWide Final – Aftermovie

MSI – MOA 2010 – Top5 Overclockers Interview

GIGABYTE GOOC 2010 WorldWide – Official Aftermovie

More videos of LN2 CPU containers: SF3D OC Inflection Point and K|ngp|n Dragon F1 Gemini

Booting at DDR3-3000 ...

Old-Skool overclocking video: Guess who's the James Bond of overclocking!

Old-Skool Overclocking: "The 5GHz project"

Girls go OC!

Old-skool Overclocking: "Crotale hitting 200% OC"

How not to use liquid nitrogen ...

|Second Frost| - |Overclocking AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Under Dry Ice| 5.568GHz

Guru3D eVGA SR-2 Overclock experience

What to do when failed at benching?

Old-skool Overclocking: Macci on Dryice

A-SUS, AS-US or ASU-S ... I have no clue.

OCZ saves the day, OCZ improves your love life?

Mainboard marketing taken to a next level ...

Why I love Asrock: P67 Transformer

AMD's 5GHz on air cooling

4-Way GTX580, 2200W and one PSU

Overclockers.com Benchmarking Party – Summary and Pictures

Jim Kim and Friends - Official overclocking song

Foxconn showcase Quantum Force P67 mobo and discuss market trends

Fatal1ty motherboards return by ASRock, hands-on and chat about P67 Professional

Roughly 7.5 years ago ...

3DFX Commercial - Medicine

What is Turbo Boost?

Team i4memory.com on Good Game TV Show ABC2 LN2 WR attempt

LexOCClub: Test EVGA SR-2 @ LN 2

TopMods.NET Asus Nitrogen Overclock

EVGA Intros Power Boost Gadget to Improve PCI-E Power Stability

Emo-clockers Overclocking MSI GX600 notebook

T_M reporting screen corruption problems with Radeon HD 6970 under cold

Overclocking-TV unveil new site in spanish !

Team.AU - GTX580 Voltage Modifications

ASUS Sandy Bridge OC Guide (PDF)

Sandy Bridge Turbo Boost in action

GeForce GTX 580 overclocking with Liquid nitrogen

The AMD Fusion Era Has Begun - A Corporate Thriller

HWBOT Aquamark3 1-vs-1 Multiplayer

O.v.e.r.clockers.at - Lange Nacht der Forschung 09 - International Overclocking Championship

CES 2011 Video: MSI Big Bang Marshal offers 8 PCIe x16 slots

Hicookie Video: GIGABYTE GTX580 1270/2600 Heaven

OCAU Competition: WIN Motherboard! (aka: Epic Video Stimulus)

Team Over the Edge get interviewed before the Operation Las Vegas !

Sandy Bridge webcast with Intel and ASUS talking about overclocking

MSI AMD 990FX Big Bang Conqueror motherboard just sitting around at Vegas look-out (video)

[OCTV] - MSI MOA Americas 2011 Aftermovie + Interviews

Overclocking so easy even your grandma <s>can do it!</s> can compete at HWBOT

[OC-X-TV] Extreme Summit 2011

Video footage of 2011 XtremeSystems CES Party

NVIDIA and Kingpin SLI Video

Weirdest mainboard advertisment ever ...

ASUS / Intel Nordic overclocking event (where GTX 580's meet the retired legend and mr event )

Boil Your Computer! - 'Immersion Cooling' = 'Impressive Cooling'

How to update your backup bios on GIGABYTE P67 boards

X58A-OC “OC Touch” feature used to push 990X to 7.1Ghz

First raw footage from Argentinian Summit 2011 OC event

GIGABYTE's X58A-OC motherboard gets full introduction

GIGABYTE X58A-OC OC-Touch 4 GHz Demonstration

Stummerwinter with AwardFabrik @ Cebit 2011

Stummerwinter breaking 3DMark03 WR LIVE @LN2 107% GPU OC

Fatal1ty provides extreme overclockers some new tweaks!

HWBOT Country Cup 2010 features on Romanian TV!

X58A-OC discussion with overclockers and GIGABYTE

Cebit 2011 - AMD - Return of the FX with John & Macci

Binning Process Explanation (NCIX Tech Tips #72)

MSI MOA Benelux 2011 Live Qualifier (amateur footage)

T_M shows how to remove HS from GTX580 GPU

AMD Radeon PSA: How to have "the talk"

When your beloved mainboard gives up ...

Video: Another OCA World Record by Splave

Overclock Extreme Tv - Extreme Summit 2011

GIGABYTE Touch BIOS in Action

MSI MOA EMEA 2011 Aftermovie

GeIL's EVO III IC testing technology

How cool is overclocking? The Screen Savers to the rescue!

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It would be cool to have a video service for HWBOT. I don't think we have the space to host videos, so maybe we should look for an alternative. Some website that allows users to upload relevant videos to one account, preferably linkeable to HWBOT accounts or so.


Any ideas?

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There is only one idea I have.

1. You create a new account on youtube called "hwbot-channel"

2. There you can upload own videos AND

3. under "favourites" you add people like SF3D and me and so their videos will be displayed in "hwbot-channel" also


For example here is a screenshot of AF-channel.



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