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Vapochill LightSpeed, rediscovery and memories...


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Big fan of overclocking, and this for more than 30 years, I just recently registered on HWbot,

to do overclocking, but with old hardware, just for fun ;)


And while rummaging through my stocks of computer parts,

I came across Asetek's Vapochill Light speed, stored there on a cupboard,

sheltered from time, and the idea immediately germinated, but we have to talk about it,

get it working again, a piece of history like that, and in like new condition.


Through photos and videos, I will try to make you rediscover the Vapochill LightSpeed.

Hoping that you like it.

Dive back into the "golden age" of overclocking through this SS device can only do us good.


(Please excuse me for my English, I use a well-known translation system)


The 1st pics:















Here are the pictures, the video is coming soon







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Thanks to you, the Vapochill LS is rather made for CPUs up to 200 Watts,

but not above, it's a piece of overclocking history and above all a collector's item today,

from 2004, Still very capable with good cpu, I have some nice stuff to test on it. But modern CPUs,

which stock already require more than 200watts, no, the ^^ It's great for retro oc, and it's even amazing even now.

I won't make any modifications to it, I keep it original, that's the point of this device, rare, unusual, a UFO for many,

outside the hwbot forum of course ;)

5 hours ago, Mr.Scott said:

Nice piece of history. 




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I forgot to post you my 1st Video on the Vapochill LS

In French, but the English subtitles work well,

well, not so much, but it's already good ;)

Empty test of the vapochill LS :



I edit the next video, test with a P4 prescoot 3.4Ghz s775. very good for warming up the atmosphere...

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