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i4memory.com USA Members Bench Party in New York 5/29/09-05/31/09.

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Bench Session Date for all North American i4memory Team Members! May 29-31, 2009. New York USA


Venue: Karma's basement dungeon laboratory in Buffalo NY


Confirmed Attendee's: TheKarmakazi, Slovnaft, Chispy, Cowie (if work allows) and illLogic.

We have a invited a special guest , 3oh6 (Jody) from team OCX and a couple of XS members as well as some BlazingPC members.


Details: 240L LN2 from airgas, 100lbs Dry Ice , 4 benchtables, beers aplenty, buffalo chicken wings () and pizza.( Karmakasi will be Demoing his new all cooper pot ). Im the first to post pictures of my hardware to be used, some time later everybody else confirmed hardware will follow with pics. This bench party has been planned for the last 4 months since some of us have to fly to New York.



Heres the official tread in our forum at i4memory.com - http://i4memory.com/f36/bench-party-session-may-29-31-2009-new-york-usa-16695/



Hardware That I (chispy) will be using at the Party:

( Since i have sent already all my hardware via AirMail from Puerto Rico To New York I will be the first one to post the hardware i will use ). I also have to catch a flight from PR to NY for this benching party.



chispy Hardware -


1- Four Motherboards: 1 Rampage II extreme X58 , 1 DFI LP UT X58-T3eH8 X58 , 1 Rampage extreme X48 , 1 eVGA 790i FTW Digital.






2- Five CPUs: 1 i7 965ee , 1 Xeon W3540(D0) , 2 E8600 , 1 Pentium4 631









3- Fourteen memory Sticks: Corsair Dominator GT 3x 2GB DDR3-2000 Cas7 (3 sticks) - G.Skill Pi Black 6x 1GB DDR3-2000 Cas8 (6 sticks) - Patriot Viper DDR3-1600 3x 1GB Cas9 (3 sticks) -OCZ Platinum DDR3-1600 2x 1GB Cas7 (2 sticks old D9s)






4- 1 ACARD ANS 9010 - Two Harddrives - Eight OCZ Core series V2 SSDs and a Raid Controller Adaptec Raid 5805 512MB DDR2 - 1 hitachi 80GB ide , 1 hitachi 160GB sata ,8 x30GB OCZ Core Series V2 SSDs , Adaptec Raid 5805 raid controller card.






xeon017.th.jpg :D




5- Graphics Cards - 3 GTX 285 , 2 ATI 4870x2 , 2 9600GT






6- Cooling will be shared :D (But Nothing Else)- one K|ngp|ng F1ee LN2 CPU Pot , one Kayl LN2/ Dice CPU Pot , two K|ngp|ng Tek 9 5.0 Slim LN2 GPU Pot , one Duniek LN2 GPU Pot , one Chispy(Homemade) LN2/Dice North Bridge Pot.






Main Hardware there it is , thats what i will be benching and working with those 3 days. More Pics and information will be updated as the event get closer.



TheKarmakazi Hardware - (reserved for later, pics and info))



Slovnaft Hardware - (reserved for later, pics and info)



Cowie Hardware - Specifications for now , i will upload pictures of the hardware when he arrive at the event.



1- 3 Motherboards - 1 eVGA Classified X58 , 1 DFI LP UT-T3eH8 X58 , 1 eVGA 790i



2- 4 cpus - 1 i7 940 , 1 i7 920 (D0) , 1 QX9650 , 1 E8600



3- 6 memory Sticks - Kingston HyperX 3x 2GB DDR3-2000 Cas7(Elpidas) 3 sticks , G.Skill DDR3-2000 Pi Black 6 sticks



4- 2 harddrives



5- Grapics Cards - 3 ATI 4890 - 3 GTX 275 - 1 GTX 295 - 1GTX 260 (216) - 1 9800GX2 - 2 8800GTS 640Mb - 2 8800GTS 320Mb - 2 8800GTS 512MB



6- Cooling - 1 Kayl CPU LN2 Pot - 2 Koolance VID-LN2-V2 LN2 GPU Pots





illLogic - (reserved for later , pics and info)


Information and pics will be updated before the event , some guys are buying new hardware for this event and they dont have it yet. (D0 anyone :D). I will keep you guys updated on this tread , Mods feel free to contact me or TheKarmakazi if needed.

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Tread will be updated next week with pics of new cpus ( i7 920 D0 and Xeon W3540 D0 ) as well as other hardware to be used ( Acard ANS 9010 , 3 iRams , 2 Classified X58 Mobos , more Ram etc...) and set up. Jody will have a Blast with us on this event :D

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You trust all your hardware to airmail? You have a lot of trust, chispy. :D


Hi RB :D , i packed everything so well that it made it to the destination without a scratch (Knock on Virtual wood).



* Updated first post with my new cpu , one Xeon W3540 added picture *

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** Updated First Post with my last piece of Hardware one Acard ANS-9010 **


''Updated cowie specifications on his hardware to be used on first post. pics will follow and the remaining guys hardware specs and pics too''.

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