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BenchZowner - GeForce GTX 580 @ 1550/1275MHz - 136182 marks 3DMark2001 SE


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nah, it's just ok.

dunno wtf was wrong with my nature runs today.

the previous week, with the same cpu clock, same drivers, same os ( norton ghosted ), lower vga clocks, same basic tweaking, I could nail 1821fps nature @ 1300 GPU and 1830 @ 1350 and a tad vmem upclocking, but today I couldn't even hit the 1821fps at any GPU clock :(


give or take I have at least 1000pts to squeeze out of it at the same clocks

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I believe Alex was under the influence of the burgers.

Unless I am the only one who thinks that you cannot see a car in the Nature test :P


Test order for this run was:




I was clicking & typing, taking care of the hardest task ever ( controlling a sandy bridge @ -45C that is ) [ pouring like a mad man... :D ], and Alex or Sofos was "controlling" the VGA's temp ( controlling in a very... out of control way I may add :D )

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nice benching Bill!


nice, let's see it :cool:


Thanks man :)

It's been a while since I last had some tweak-pushing-worthy hardware.

Can't wait to get back ( temporarily ) to my place, I already miss benching my Sandy Beach :(


Might come up with some nice scores if Maaddaawg's untested 2600K does well this Thursday.

Be sure to check Maaddaawg's submissions, we shall bench together this week :)

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