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[BUGS] October is full HWBot erasing bugs time

Christian Ney

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If you have any bugs/issues or suggestions that are not listed on the two links bellow, please report on this thread.

It will help to prepare the battlefield


Overview of issues:



Open Issues:


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I noted when taking a peek at my hardware library it shows only one CPU type shown as if I had X amount of these CPUs. Last night it said I had X amount of i2600(?) CPUs and today it's saying I have x amount of X2 4200 Manchester CPUs. I do not own a single one of these chips and I know it has to be a bug.

Posted a screenie of what I'm getting at - No way I could or would own this many of a given CPU model.

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If you press "enter" in the search field you get a nullpointer exception.


No easy way to find separate DDR ranks in maxxmem.


A quick link to the complete HW list would be nice (maybe in the same list you get when you press the search button and get a few more options on the front page).


A checked submission shouldn't be open for reporting, only moderators should get access to those options.

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This is no bug, except that the stupid online submission thingy didn't realize it was a dual socket configuration :P


But! There is a bug when I try to edit it to 2x CPU, because there is no screenshot I can't confirm the changes. It should be possible for me to do that... :P Disable the screenshot check for editing, please:)

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