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When the forum scanning is stopped....and eating begins


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Yes it will remain, it's the scanning part that will be disabled. : )


Damn I'll celebrate at McDonalds the day it's gone... I'm SO tired of those **** submissions that end up in the wrong categories... have a 4000+ sd score that always ends up in the 4000+ clawhammer category, stealing a cup. Same with an i7 920 score that goes to Opteron 866 - and two more I cant remember.


I dont even bother moving them, too much work. I just block:p What's weird is that no team captains have contacted me about these scores...

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McDonalds???? Seriously bro... go celebrate properly. I'll front you the money for a Burger King double angry whopper king-size meal if I have to :P:p


Double cheese is the best burgerr ever made... The McD one:D BK is nice, too - but it doesnt taste McD of their burgers:( I wish we had KFC here, I tried it in Berlin once and it was awesome.

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KFC made me puke.


Hot wings make me fly:p


A friend of mine puked from a bad burger at Burger King once, he told me.


In general I would say that if the majority of the customers get ill after eating their food, they have a problem. So these kind of happenings are just exceptions to the rule - normally the food is well prepared;)

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the food remains crap; KFC, MCD, BK, Pizza hut, etc

all garbage food.


sure some can taste good, but overall, it's crap food .



there's a reason why people refer to it as Junk Food


I think the name for it is just a name... maybe there was a reason behind it, but I know alot of people who use the phrase "junk food", but wouldnt think of the burgers etc as "junk".


It's still amazing how this type of food often have a better taste than what's regarded as "proper food". Taste matters to me, not the price tag or if a chef with a mustache and a heavy salary made it and put it on a fancy plate;)

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If you like hot wings, KFC is no place for you... Come to Buffalo, New York, where the "Hot" chicken wing was invented :) We have restaurants with "suicide" wings... put hair on your back everytime u eat them :P


But I must agree with jmke... McD, BK, KFC is mostly junk food, although some of their meals taste ok, or are good if you are in a hurry and need to eat a meal while driving somewhere or something.

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