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Got some toys...3D03: single 160 k / multi 197 k


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Got some toys in the last few days...


First I want to thak some people for supporting me!


ENERMAX FOR THE PSU: this one rocks even with two 5970


SAPPHIRE FOR THE GFX: for the card


ASUS: for everthing


MUSHKIN: the old one still rock


OTTERAUGE: for the great container


IES: for the constant support with LN2


and the whole AF-hwbot-Team...


Hoschi for selling me the other 5970 and Dümpler for selling me this great CPU!


3D03 single card:





3D03 multi card:




not bad, but not good enough:





testing is so boring:




CPU easy @ -152°C:




only one PSU for this setup needed:




more then 90000 frames in GT4:




2D setup for testing:



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great benching again from you boris - good to see you finally can do 03...5970 is really much more stable in 03 compared to 4870X2. By the way did you test differences in cards like we did with the old dual cards? Any signs of the old problem "good card" "bad card" left?


and I bet you played 01 or at least tried too :P:D

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