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BD max freq limited by ram?


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Bored at work, so I'm entertaining myself with this. Been looking as this for some time now, and with the two new results coming in today I thought I'd bring this up and see if a discussion is worthwhile.


Maybe I'm looking for something that isn't there, but there seems to be a connection to ram freq with max freq on these chips. All the really high chips have 900mhz+ while the lower ones have ~700mhz (save for a few outliers). Granted this analysis doesn't take into OC methods (did they use PScheck, just boot with high multi and up HTT, ect). Considering I saw 1000mhz difference in some of my cores, this might be a mute point if everyone didn't test each core individually.


I duno, I'm bored :P



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I got my max clocks on a different set of sticks than my previous submissions. Gskill Flares.


I discounted it to coincidence that the stars just aligned. Could be something to being able to run the ram at a certain frequency though... From my experience at 8GHz I wouldn't be surprised at all. It's like magic making everything work together in my experience, for that split second to save the result.

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