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Gluvocio - Core i7 2600K @ 4633MHz - 104012 marks PCMark 2005


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well terraptor, you could do superpi, wprime , ucbench and 3dmark .

I dislike killing the bench, I waited mounths for this reason, then I needed full power 'cause I was playing the contest w/out hexa core.

For me it's no problem to set a 70k score there and 92k with 2500k. You mean ? :)

@moose : many thanks... When you will discover Text Edit You'll be able to play near too, I think

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Dear Gluvocio, I really appriciate your efforts and you result but not pcm. You are the champion and i really like it but pcmark now is not a benchmark that is related to perfomance anymore - it's all about weird tweaks. Let then ramdisks to be valid - this is less evil than all these allowed tweaks (hdd performance nowdays is just money dependant not anyhow cpu related).

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Yes, terraptor. Now Software is more important than hardware... also for this reason I was thinking to sell one pci-e 8x controller :)

I believe now ramdisk on Virus scan could be not a problem.

General Usage could be again an hardware/setting test.

The reason for what I say that is that a particoular configuration on AMD makes Virus Scan better than RAMdisk .

This could be a way to reduce the GAP.

Less GAP , more fun :-)

Another idea to reduce gap is allowing RAMdisk on general usage non-tweaked MTT2/MTT3 scores.

This way the GAP from crazy Text Edit ore Memory Access could be reduced a little.

I think the top of PCmark should stay without ramdisk, at least in General Usage.

Theese are only ideas. They should be discussed .

It whould change destiny of this bench...


Anyway thanks to everybody but my best score is there :-) ...made with 2ssd on onboard controller :)





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Next time you are benching or testing PCM05, please can you take a high quality video of trans windows? I think 324000 would be quite funny to watch :)


I don't understand your score, but that's a very big #1! :)


Congrats on hitting 100K!

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