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Rbuass - Core i7 3770K @ 6843MHz - 5sec 344ms SuperPi


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Just can bench again after MOA.. I am in Los Angeles now.....before MOA...and no ln2 here....lol




I LIVE in los angeles... have the LN2 hookup.... benching this weekend. we should get together for a meetup and mabye a bench session if you are up to it. Just be aware that my car SUCKS.

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Oh man... I love USA...and main California.

I arrived 4 hours ago, together Gnidaol, and we are in Hacienda Hotel.

525 North Sepulveda Boulevard - El Segundo - CA 90245 - Phone (310) 6150015;

Room 1211 and will be a pleasure to bench with you...that' I consider a really great overclocker and many more than a great overclocker ... a great guy

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how long are you in town for? I was planning a session this weekend but might be able to Friday evening (I have to refill the dewar after work tomorrow), it would be no problem to get together and get something going. El Segundo isnt that far.... mabye 30-35 min :)


you know what.... lemme just give you a call now.




just tried calling... no answer, and no msg service. Check you PM for my phone number. Lets do something :)

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