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PCMark Vantage- Who has allowed Ramcaching?


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I searched a bit on this bench to look how good is my storage, but i found an interesting submit with i7 920, and on the comments it was talk about Ramcaching.



And here is an normal Areca Score: http://www.hwbot.org/submission/1096127_stevero_pcmark_vantage_core_i7_920_30681_marks/

So, why Ramcaching is in this Bench allowed? Who allowed it? And is it really allowed :D

Its not that fair thought, to allow Ramcaching, can we have a clear point about Ramcaching in Vantage please?


Or am i allowed to score 800000 HDD Points:D

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Moose you already know the answer to this question, so why try to make trouble?


Just do as you have done in the past and report those results for moderation, if there is some ram disk happening, then they will be removed


Quoted from the comments in the score thread:


"Christian Ney says:


180 days ago – tweak level = 0 :D<br/> <br/> Storage Caching ;)"


This is probably one of the things we've discussed internally but forgotten to add to the rules. I suggest blocking this one (and other ones that uses ramdisk/cache) until the rules page is fixed and a newspost has been posted. It's not fair play if you can use tweaks specifically listed as not allowed, and you're almost the only one who knows about it.

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seeing as this thread has been open for 4 days, no mod action has been taken and no one has reported the sub i've taken the step to report the sub.


(sorry christian this action is not meant to be personal i'd just like to know if ramcaching is permitted in pcv permanently, just for comps or never and here is as good a place as any to ask the question as the answer is clearly not obvious).

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  • Crew

At the moment of this submission of Christian, we discuss long time this, and finally was allowed include in the country cup, then was not allowed (in the rules) and now... in the staff right now we discuss again ramcaching for PcMark Vantage and 7.


Ufff PcMark...over and over, again :mad:

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in the staff right now we discuss again ramcaching for PcMark Vantage and 7.


Ufff PcMark...over and over, again :mad:


i'm pretty sure we all feel the same way about this and with the efforts of staff & mods being asked to continually address the abortive mess of pcmark. 3d being so much easier to work with.. install kit, clock kit, run benchmark & submit. the problem is that with all the epeen and ego stroking that many crave, tweaking pcm has been driven to the brink, (likely to be pushed even further when folks start trying to beat a wrapper if/when pcm gets one).


with ramcache specifically - if ruled against would admittedly be time consuming to moderate but it does tend to stick out like dogs balls.




either way we eagerly look forward to what conclusion the staff consensus comes too.

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