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The official OC GURU IS YOU GIGABYTE AMD HD 5000 OC Challenge thread.


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Are you using 980X or any other very recent VGA card? This might be due to the FM Systemscanner-thing not working properly


Using Gigabyte 5770, Gigabyte mb, and AMD 1090T for the contest. I can public all other bench's but '03. Anyone else having a problem with this? Got some great results but can't submit...:( PM'd Admin at the ORB but no reply yet.

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Rick, don't you have any other processor to try? you don't need a 6core, not even a 4core for stage 3.

I don't have problems with i5/750.

Also catalyst 10.4 are not FM approved. i guess this is not a problem, is it?

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FYI, yesterday I installed the latest patch, ran 3dmark03 10 times in a row, and only 2 of 10 validations were publishable. So you can publish scores with the patch, but not all it seems... Now I don't know how much of this is update system not working, and how much is just ORB not working :(

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