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users uploads without mem tap

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He never uses the memtab in 3d i have cheked over half of his scores in 3d and none of them have memtab in screenshot??


Why has he been allowed to submitt so many scores with wrong screenshots whitout any hwbot staff has told him he is doing it wrong?


He is at 25. place at extreme oc leauge!!

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  • Crew
I'm pretty sure the rules just changed at the beginning of this year. Before that, the mem tab was optional.


Yep, the rules are changed in January , i think in that time, before that was "opcional"


So., imho. any submission since january'13 without cpu-z mem tab are out of rule, I will notify this problem to Olessius of Iran :)

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  • Crew
I had some team members get harassed (and scores removed) due to no mem tab about halfway through last year. The rules update on that one was silent as far as I could tell.


Sorry bobnova in that moment i dont remember very well when cpu-z mem tab was mandatory, I started a thread about this in the staff, because I can be confused in time

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If I recall correctly it was shown in the demo screenshot on the individual benchmark rules pages as optional, but listed as mandatory for all benchmarks on the main rules page.

Something like that, anyway.

Not a big deal IMO, I have no problem calling it part of the january first rules update. It was certainly clarified then and made consistent over all the pages.

I was under the impression that it was optional as well, and I have memories of being pointed towards the overall rules page when I mentioned that.

It's also possible that my poor abused brain has its wiring crossed up.


The way I figure it we're all racers, and the rulebook was a rather chaotic set of main rules, benchmark rules that contradicted them, forum rulings and rules, and so on, plus a fairly large team of very very busy moderators. We're bound to run into sometimes trouble with that setup :D

It's much much better now. Obviously things pop up every now and then that I take offense with (pc05's very existence, at this point :P), but it's much much rarer.


Anyway, really not a big deal to me.

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