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chew* - DDR3 @ 920MHz - 1520.3 marks MaxxMem


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Yah i did, skeptical about the l3 less chip being the "total" equasion ;)


It's not the "total" equasion, but an important part of it. Run an Sempron at same speeds as your X6 and you will see. I gonna submit my best score achieved last night with a sempron 140, almost 1300 Points @ 4080MHz clock speed, and NB @ 3400. :D


Be well

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nah it's something else to bud, like 64 bit OS or the nv platform on ddr II.


Had test in both x64 & x86 Windows 7, similar results, I already gave memory settings to massman, and premission to share with you, it's all about cache and timings (sub ).

Honor is more important than some WR for me.


Nothing to hide here.


Pure hard work in fidding those timings, one by one, I will get back to DDR2 and DDR, ATM I´m trying to put this M3A79-T to pass 210 HT ref @DDR 800 (Athlon II and Sempron 140), gonna flash 1203 BIOS as someone suggested, hopefully it will recognise the CPUs, or at least post and boot, to test.

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The Data of CPU-Z are not the same as the Data from Maxxmem. Can you tell us why?


Sure it's rather simple, maxxmem detected my boot speeds. Boot, open maxxmem, clock cpu up run bench........opening any bench at high clocks especially at cpu and NB speeds I was at can possibly crash bench.


Simple solution is to open bench first then clock up ;)

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