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Integrated Forum rankings - v2

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Please try with ''cpu_frequency'', replace ''CPU-Z'' by ''cpu_frequency''



[ hwbot=app=CPU-Z,cooling=Water Cooling,country=germany]submissionranking[/hwbot]



[ hwbot=app=cpu_frequency,cooling=Water Cooling,country=germany]submissionranking[/hwbot]


it works:


[hwbot=app=cpu_frequency,cooling=Water Cooling,country=germany]submissionranking[/hwbot]



Will ask massman to edit the main post

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app names:
































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maybe i messed up a few codes....



















so can anyone make a new list?

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Hi richba5tard,


is it possible to filter the number of cores used by adding core=1x or 2x?

EG: [ hwbot=app=wprime 32m,cores=1x,country=za]submissionranking[/hwbot]




How about this? I would like to seperate by cores.


Another thing that would be nice, is to seperate by specific hardware. Like we could show 4770k ranks in our 4770k results thread.

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Missed that for way too long...gonna try it out soon :)


Seems I have the same thing like Roman - it shows the wprime results always. Tried everything but can't fix it - any idea?


€: ah need to be careful with submissionranking teamranking and way of calling the variables


[ hwbotlist=AwardFabrik,3dmark2001_se,10]teamrank[/hwbotlist] (hwbot-tag was already used over at AF for the signatures) works while


[HWBOTLIST=team=AwardFabrik,app=wprime_-_32m]submissionranking[/HWBOTLIST] with other Benchmarks only shows wprime-Scores

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We have recently worked on the integrated forum rankings. It is now mainly based on the search functionality, meaning you will be able to embed pretty much everything that you can search for. Documentation still needs to be finished, though.

When will this be coming? How about a couple quick examples of the new functionality?

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I've been working a lot with these forum rankings now to implement them on our forums.


Just an example. I want to do a fully 3DMark06 ranking for our team


This is the code:



If you want to post a code you can use the [noparse][noparse] put code here[/noparse][/noparse]


Just used 999 to display as much as possible. Now the posting really becomes huge and you can not display rankings bigger than rank 99. It only shows 1.. or 2..


Also the 999 is pretty strange. If I do 50 it shows maybe 30 rankings. The number is not equivalent to the actual ranking.


Is it possible to differ between single, dual or triple GPU? What's the code for that?


Check here:



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The last number seems to be the number of lines it reserves for the entire script length and has a limit of 99.


Still can't get global lists to work as well as search-parameters (e.g. country or number of gpus).

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Not trying to be a pest, but how about a quick description on how to do this? I was hoping to integrate this for an ongoing forum contest. If all we are waiting on is a full documentation write up, then a quick list of commands and a couple examples would likely be enough to figure out what I need.


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I'm trying to get it installed on vBulletin 4.2.1 and it seems i cannot make it working.



The following BB Code replacement may not be properly formed. All HTML attributes should be enclosed within double quotes.

   <script type="text/javascript"> var _hwbtarget = 'hwb_' + Math.round((Math.random() * 100000)); document.write("<div id='"+ _hwbtarget +"'><img src='http://HWBOT.org/img/loader.gif' alt='loading'/> Loading…</div>"); // uncomment for custom css // var _hwbcss = "http://HWBOT.org/css/style.external.custom.ocforums.css"; var _hwb = _hwb || []; _hwb.push(['type={param}']); _hwb.push(['params={option}']); _hwb.push([_hwbtarget]); (function() { var hwbex = document.createElement('script'); hwbex.type = 'text/javascript'; hwbex.async = true; hwbex.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https://' : 'http://') + 'HWBOT.org/js/exf2.js'; var s = document.getElementById(_hwbtarget); s.parentNode.insertBefore(hwbex, s); })(); </script>


I've tried to fix it but even if i put double quotes in param and option - nothing happens and a i cannot post or see any results in forum.

What its wrong !?

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