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Memory chip transplant - 128M to 256M


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For this, we will need:


- similar memory chips,

- desoldering tools (IR station or hot air gun, electronically adjustable highly preferred),

- "chip sucker",

- 100W soldering iron with flat tip,

- thermometer (optionnal),

- one or two "third hand",

- solder wick,

- aluminum foil to protect some parts,

- flux.


If anyone wants the full process with images, tell me and I'll adjust the post.


We take chips from a healthy DDR module to put them on a VGA to increase its memory amount.






With the heat gun, we remove chips from the graphics card.




Then we put on the new ones.




Unfortunately, due to my poor skills in electronics, it miserably failed.




I need to clean the pads better and perfect my resolder technique. Stay tuned ! :D

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@Christian: thanks :)


@Massman: the R300 GPU has for 64-bit lanes and each chip is 64-bit (DDR) so no problem on that. The chip is able to manage 64, 128 or 256MB according to http://www.gpureview.com/radeon-x300-se-card-85.html.

The only thing that might be problematic is the BIOS which I didn't flash before doing the transplant. I think it should detect up to 128MB and the other 128 will stay unused until a BIOS flash.

Also, I think some memory chips are well soldered so I'll check that to see if it changes the situation.

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