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The official Latin MOA 2010 thread.


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Yes of course I will be in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego from 01 to 15 August. ;)


th_20100803212356_patago.jpg th_20100803212524_Patago2.jpg



there is not going to be any problem because they changed the rule:


from this:


Only for members who live in Latin America.


to this


Only members of Latin America may participate.


so i think, there is not going to be any problem about this subject.


so good luck to everybody, everywhere

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I have a question about the first stage (3DMark06):


If I have a Motherboard OR a VGA from MSI I can submit a result for this stage. OK :)

If I lend a MSI VGA from a team mate for example, its hardware sharing, so obvious its not OK :(


But, if I doesn't have anything from MSI, but a team mate has a MSI motherboard and send the board for I submitt my result, its valid?

For example (hypotetical):


If 5 team mates has vga's from Zogis, Zotac, Powercolor, Gigabyte and ASUS for example, and just I have the MSI motherboard, can all of us use the same mobo+processor just changing the vga's? I know, just processor sharing for 2d is illegal and video-card sharing for 3d is illegal too, but specifically for this competition motherboard still OK to share? Because these guys who use my MSI board to submit results just participate from competition cuz I lend my board, no one really has nothing from MSI... :S



Thanks! :)

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I dont know Why, the rules where updated without advice to the contestants, actually the actual rules dont match with each other. For example

# Top 2 of both categories are awarded

# You’re allowed to participate in both category, in case that top winner of both categories are the same person who will be considered as top winner of non-Extreme, and then 2 winner of Extreme will be considered 1st winner of Extreme.


So this Rules is against the others? "1st winner of 2 stages will team up for MOA 2010 Taiwan" (So for what explain if you win both and bla bla bla if after all the Points will be count and the person who earn more points in both stages)


I hope MSI fix this misunderstanding.


I take some SS Today of the actual rules for the records.

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hahshashadhhdahdahdahdahdahd :)


massman has blocked my score :P , but what you said is true. i dont really readed the rules as i should


for the next time will be.


i forgot the afterburner and the core temp (insufficient verification for rankings (Core Temp and MSI Afterburner not in screenshot))


can i use this SS one for the regular rankings? or i need to make a new one?


thanks for the help.

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