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Is LOD permitted?


Yes! :)


Whats up with the top 3 showing only 1,2 of 7 tests then all 7 in the orb?


How do you mean?


Note that with 3DMark01, you can change the run order for better scores. So, you can tweak your clocks/lod for every subtest seperatelly.

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I was un-aware of the 3dmark allowing you to run them indevidually (call me Mr Noob) I was just looking at there verification image and noticed it would have only 1, or 2 tests completed, and that the Orb would have a different CPU frenquency then the image verification, so needless to say I became confused. I brought it up so some one would explain it to me :D

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The difference in the two is located in the Nature subtest. The GTX275 will give you roughly 1250-1300FPS whereas the 4890 might only give a 1100FPS score, which is like a difference of 3000p overall. Now, the 4890 (or ati) is known to be better in the system benchmarks (cars and lobbies), so normally you can make up for that loss a bit.


The issue is that there might be a nature 'bug' with the Ph-2 just like there is with the Nehalem platform. Basically, the Core 2 Duo platform gives you a single GPU Nature of 1500FPS easily, whereas nehalem (even at high clocks) will have scaling issues past 1100-1150FPS. In this case, the 4890 is a better choice because of the better other subtests ... but I don't know if this is also the case for PH-2.


Hope this helps


this helps a ton! I really need to get to the point of finding these findings for myself. I guess the more you bench, the more you learn!


Thanks master massman!

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