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I call 965/955 winning this over thuban.


Only one thuban in world can match 955/965 for raw clocks......


Only one board is capable of insane ram speed with thuban, that speed is sheared to 2000 when cold and bandwidth is not that great ;) etc deneb faster cpc.

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I caught a drift of sarcasm in your reply chew*. If I'm wrong correct me... Yes the 1090T memory controller issues will play a huge roll, but the GPU of choice is going to be the leading factor if you ask me.


Actually thuban IMC will not play a role, as i was saying there's only a couple board that clock highe but the performance is slack.....move to a couple other boards and all hit a wall at 920 and have performance of the board that can do 1000 max cold.


so since deneb can do 920....and clocks higher and has high cpc performance.....it's guranteed win.....it will play out like this.


The more effecient board tuned for ultimate overall performance and a very fast card excluding 5XXX series on ln2.


My prediction from ati camp is 4890/4870 with favor towards 4870 if someone really goes all out with mods.


As far as nvidia, i will leave that prediction to someone more knowlegable on NV.


I might toss up a result but i won't have time to play hard. I think i have one 965 left that would be well suited to 01 and a decent 4890, board will be CH3 or MSI.


I might even favor a damn good set of d9's @ 6-5-5 over hypers at 6-6-6.

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