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As above, I'm considering dipping my toe back into overclocking, so I thought I'd start with something I have a bit of experience with, and already have some hardware for so it won't cost me too much!


Looking for some s775 chips to play around with using an SS. They'll be used with a Biostar i45 and OCZ Flex DDR2 (if that makes any difference)

I'm based in the UK.


Thanks :)

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Hye. Small SSD will be good.

But OCZ flex aren't a good way to play imho :/ Better try to find good Crucial kits with D9gmh ICs. Or better go for DDR3 and Rampage Extreme!!


I've already got them, I'm assuming they should be ok to 600+


I know they can do 550 CAS4 which I would assume would be fine for anything I could manage using just a single stage?


The reason for looking at s775 is because of the low cost since I already own most of the things I'd need :P

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Of course low cost, yeah.


But D9s go quite further. My kit is able to do over 630 cas4 and 680 cas5 benchable, on air! (but suicide mod, still alive lol)

I guess I can always get nicer RAM in the future if I find my current RAM limits me.

At the moment I don't even know how much I'll get back 'into it'.




Well, what I meant to say, 550 MHz CL4 is average, they'll probably do 650 MHz CL5 which should be enough to max out most CPUs and have some fun.

Fair enough, I didn't know that, but as you say, that should be enough, at least for now.

You can look at some of the results I've done in the past to get an idea of what I'll be doing :P


RAM is something I can buy in the future if I want to upgrade it, but since I've got stuff that works now, and should let me get back into overclocking I'm happy using it :)

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