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Beaux Loy - Xeon X5677 @ 6034MHz - 2min 6sec 581ms wPrime 1024m

Beaux Loy

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Have to be honest and say this is the weirdest/best chip I've owned.. It will boot into windows no problem at 6300mhz and if you guys new the qpi / vtt voltage you would freak.. it's soooo low.. also cold bug is very low. On accident I made it spike to 9ghz.. no blue screen or freeze either.. it was just for a second.. there is weird stuff going on with this one.. Also will run 3d like there is no tomorrow. I've never had this experience with a cpu but I can tell you that there is also no degrade.. I probably ran wprime a hundred times and still stronger then ever.. must be the low voltage combined with the high clocks that's kept it alive. weirdness.. By the way...

-90c coldbug. Going to use my kingpin nb pot next time to increase the ioh and see what happens. cheers!

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