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Part 4: Man Vs Fermi-4.


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A while ago, Dagmar suggested I modernise a bit and not just bench nV 8 & 9-series for the rest of my life :P I thought "not a BAD idea, but maybe I should do it in baby steps"


I also thought... "I'm gonna do this my way"


My rules: No 64-bit memory buses. Nothing less than 96SP. 96SP cards don't get 3DMark11 or Uni 11 because I don't want to watch slideshows. 3DMark hadn't been released when I started this.


The scores don't have to be gold, but I ain't gonna avoid gold if I can get it!


We all bench in different ways. Some bench for personal bests, some aim at good global scores, a smaller number aim at a world record, an equally small number aim at being No.1 in the rankings.... HWL, Pro League, Extreme league, Enthusiast League. Some people scatter bench, some try to get scores for each benchmark that a card will run.



Question..... have you ever seen someone take over the 1x rankings of an ENTIRE ARCHITECTURE. IN. ONE. GO. before?



































I knew the 3D01-06 & AM3 "section" would be tough with the 480. I did better there than I expected!



142 results (if my notes are correct)

119 gold

11 silver

8 crap

+4 that I don't mind being crap (for now)



Thanks to Nick & ASRock for the Z87M OC board. Having that REALLY helped with this project. Just a shame my CPUs aren't as good as the board!

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