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GTX 780Ti Mod and LN2 BIOS


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  • Crew

Hiya guys!


I didn't have time to wait for someone to post mods so i just started measuring and the mods are the same as titan regardless of the differences in PCB and resistors, some values just changed.


I did the mods and went ln2 -100 on core and -30 on the vrm. 1.51v /1.81v 1681 / 2065 was not hard. Normal bios was used.


here are the mods:


100 ohm to these points will give you VCORE. No OVP or OCP thus far, but i didnt really do more than 1.51v so i'll have to see tonight.


just a note, this picture is Titan PCB, but the mod is for reference 780 Ti



Hynix memory loves volts, yay!

memory mod, stock is 1.65, i'm using 1.81v and getting 2200mhz memory. But had to knock it back to 2065 when the core was in the 1600 range because it's a trade off with IMC. If we can get a IMC volt mod maybe that will solve this issue? Because the Hynix can do the clocks the core just cant handle it (or atleast thats how i see it).


EDIT: I removed the memory mod pic, there was a mistake on it. it's the same mod as titan so just measure the resistance, should be a bout 3.75k, then remove the vr, then it will be around 17k, then solder 10k vr and turn back to 3.75k


here is the LN2 bios. I will test it tonight and let you know how it runs, if it's better than stock bios or not.


Download 780Ti LN2 BIOS

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  • 2 weeks later...
I tested the LN2 bios on air and the efficiency is still good (unlike the skyn3t bios on OCN).


but i cant get memory clocks to stick, also can't open it in nvidia bios editor it seems locked :<



Well it is not locked. you can just edit it using KBT, KBT is only a bios tweaker . this is a engineering X0C bios from Nvidia. with all P state disable I mean P0 only bios and OCP/OVP disable like any other X0C bios for LN2 out there.


this is not a bios to use everyday like all my vBios found on OCN. this is made for LN2 only, "again".


in other to use this bios as a everyday I need to revert all the P0 state back to normal or even code two P state only like I did for the Classy Ti found on OCN to play a bit.


Eve with two P state only when using with surround or High resolution 1440p up. it doesn't idle normal which means you going to run hot always.


Give something to play as everyday is cool but something more advanced to people with little knology it can turn into a disaster.


Please don't take my last line as a offence this is just how I think. I wish the best for everyone.

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  • Crew

Stock cards reference design do only about 1.2v. This hardmod is for above 1.2v all the way up to 1.5v or more. Be careful with the pwm it explodes easy. This bios will be good for water because i hit tdp limit really soon with normal bios. So this bios will keep your tdp limit under the max and keep your card performing at its highest level

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