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  3. Did you get any boost with 2 sticks of RAM? My second stick is not with me to check. But I think it may give some memory write boost with via.
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  5. I have a friend named Chandler, he is American, he wants to buy your Venon Ln2 container but for some reason he is not able to register in the forum. He offered 120 EUR and would like you to contact by email to arrange payment and shipping method: chandler.robson@gmail.com

    Best Regards 

  6. #1 sold to Achill3uS #2, 4, 5, 6, 9 waiting for payment from sale_quiche #3, 7, 8 available
  7. #1 sold to Gigelz #2 sold to quiekMew #3 waiting for payment from sale_quiche #4 available #5 available
  8. Thanks @Leeghoofd for your work on this and anyone else that was involved
  9. I would also want to buy if you do decide to split as PM
  10. I'm guessing this is said 3600+ gdie validation? https://hwbot.org/submission/3832580_noxinite_memory_frequency_ddr3_sdram_1841.2_mhz I've finally gotten around to pick up a haswell system so I'll test my sticks pretty soon edit: brainfart, 4gb won't be sr gdie
  11. @poparamiro If you decide to sell separate cards, take in consideration my message
  12. Why am I tentative lol. I'm coming definitely. 😛
  13. All items sold were shipped yesterday, tracking provided Closed, thanks for the space hwbot
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