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  1. score submission date: 07-05-2008 (7 May 2008)

    CPu-Z rule which says you need CPU-Z validation: 20-05-2008


    score was valid at time it was posted.

    Fair enough, thank you.:)

    Also, as long as I have your attention, how about moving this


    to the proper catagory. Notice the multiplier in the SS is 4.5, which is what a 133 bus speed PIII 600 Coppermine is, not a 6 multiplier that the 100 bus speed 600 is supposed to have. See attached links below.



    Thanks in advance.;)

  2. Any online PCMark05 submission must comply to the following rules:

    • use default PCMark settings
    • have a valid screenshot (see example below): clearly show PCmark score, PCmark settings, processor in CPU-Z, GPU-Z, Subtest Scores (XP startup speed!), unless you have a valid futuremark ORB url
    • have a valid futuremark orb link as verification for scores in the top 20

    Please take care of it Bud.;)

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