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  1. All good man. I'm not bitching or anything.
  2. No it's not. It's just not your normal level headed stage. It's out of character for you. I will prep the DRE board.
  3. I only have a dual socket also. Plus, I really can't stand the board. Gives me fits. Turns this stage into an odd hardware required stage. Not sure I feel too good about that..........and I like the odd stuff.
  4. Wow. I will have to dig out the K8N-DRE. I'm pretty sure Mr.Paco has a dual board 8 socket 940 rig. You're making a mistake here Alb.
  5. He made a mistake. You know better than that.
  6. Do not know if there is an actual difference but, some boards clock better on certain ratios than others. My examples: AN7 clocks better on a 6:6 ratio NF7 clocks better on a 5:5 ratio All my DFI's seem to clock better at 1:1 300.7 was tough to get, but I highly doubt Stelios tried to beat the system, if you will. It not his way.
  7. Which consists of ?.....................................points algorithm ?
  8. Patch solved my stutter problem on my 4650. Thanks for that. Also, 4650 runs on cat 8.6 just fine. 8.6 is what was supplied on the setup disk.
  9. Nice CPU. I thought I would be in good shape with 2810 on the chiller. I will have to go like hell now.
  10. Wrong section. Ask here.
  11. Nice. Good score for a 7600. Nice ram too. Custom bios on that board does you well.
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