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  1. w00t way to go buddy, I see your 980x is growing strong in its old age!
  2. well I dont know what to tell ya man Makes perfect sense that your gpu score is higher, your cards are clocked higher but there was no way you were going to catch me in the cpu bench @ 4.7 Im at 5.4ghz and 5.8ghz for the game tests. Check out my valid ORB link and compare. Sorry you think I tampered with the score. PM me on the hwbot forums if youd like to discuess this next time instead of throwing mud on my hard work. I busted my ass for 5 hours last night for this.
  3. thanks for not posting this till today rofl! ;)amazing
  4. so thats why it wont apply voltages and or random 2d only clocks under ln? Any ideas on when it will be out lol? Is this how the other guys are clocking them, just want to know if I should send my card back.
  5. Appreciate your professional response MM as always, you guys are very professional here Just lately is seems the ES are getting better and better as compared to retail. They suck ya in the the ES results but I guess thats just good marketing and pretty smart. I fall for it ever time and probably why i will be on board with the crappy first revision retail i980x that will be exploding out on the 16th.
  6. Well here are some Pifast = 1 non ES in top 10, 4 non es in top 20 1-4 ES 980x 5 ES 670 6 ES 980x 7 ES 670 8 ES 670 9 ES 980x 11 ES 980x 13 ES 670 14 ES 661 15 ES 670 18 ES 660 20 ES 980x Spi1m = 3 non ES top 10, 6 non ES top 20 1-3 ES 670 4 ES 980x 5-7 ES 670 11-12 ES 670 13 ES 980x 14 ES 670 18 ES 670 20 ES 660 spi32m = 1 non ES top 10, 7 non ES top 20 1-5 ES 980x 6 ES x5667 7 ES 670 8 ES x5667 9 ES 670 11 ES 660 13-14 ES 980x
  7. PS I wont stop grinding, and doing the best I can
  8. Im not a whiner and im not against ES chips, I wish i was lucky enough to get them so let me get that out there first but come on now, when ES chips on average range 500mhz (i5 perfect example) or so above retail when is it too much? PS I know not every ES is a stong clocker either but every single new intel CPU i670,i660,i661 (we wont count 980x as its not public retail yet) the top ten results are the ES chips that are godlike, every work record as well. How do you compete with that being someone that pays for my own goods? Honestly not being cocky I have as much skill clocking as the next day, I spring for ln2 gear but all the cold and tweaking in the world wouldnt get those results. I think there is a place for the ES results, I mean who doesnt love to see 7ghz spi runs etc but honestly its a huge turn off to me. Sorry for venting like this and im sure I will get flamed but Im just frustrated is all.
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