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  1. CornerJack

    [FS] Galax HOF RTX 2080TI !

    Ok, if it changes, tell me. Thanks
  2. CornerJack

    [FS] Galax HOF RTX 2080TI !

  3. CornerJack

    [FS] Galax HOF RTX 2080TI !

    The card is still available Alex@ro ?
  4. CornerJack

    MSI Afterburner Extreme - how to get it?

    Hello, I search a link for download MSI Afterburner Extreme – HWBOT Edition 😁 It's to make test with old 7870 HAWK. Thanks.
  5. CornerJack

    ROG Crosshair VI

    Hello, special bios for Crosshair VI Extreme X370 ?
  6. CornerJack

    Bug GPU score X299

    Yes, and always good score GPU with 7700K @4.5GHz (uncore 3000)... GPU score 43140
  7. CornerJack

    Bug GPU score X299

    I have a problem and after 24 hours of research, I am always at the same point so I seek your help. Okay, let's be clear. My GPU score in 3D11, Fire Strike, ... is really not good while on the Z270, it is correct. For the 3D11 benchmark latest version Z270 APEX + 7700K 5GHz + 1080Ti 2050/1500 + 16GB 3600C15 -> P28425 (43708 - 13664 - 14199) X299 DARK + 7980XE 4.5GHz + 1080Ti 2050/1500 + 32GB 4000C19 -> P33211 (41229 - 22291 - 18948) I made several installation (win10 1703 on both motherboards), same Nvidia drivers, same benchmark, I have tested with win10 1709... I installed the APEX X299 and bad GPU score too ... For me it does not come from a hardware component, nor the nvidia drivers, nor the benchmark, ... If you have an idea... thanks !
  8. CornerJack


    Hello, if you have an EVBot... Thanks
  9. CornerJack

    Kingpin Cooling

    Price for TEK-9 FAT with shipping in Belgium ? Thanks
  10. CornerJack


    Tests with the XOC bios First comparative performance between stock bios Asus GTX 1080 Ti STRIX OC ( and XOC ( 3DMark 11 stock : 27940 XOC : 28223 3DMark Fire Strike stock : 22625 XOC : 22941 3DMark Fire Strike Ultra stock : 7127 XOC : 7317 3DMark Time Spy stock : 9388 XOC : 9480 The XOC bios is better but max Boost with stock bios is 1987MHz and with XOC, 1999MHz. In aircooling, my 1080 STRIX OC can do 2100MHz. With the XOC bios and voltage, it's not possible to make better in air. I test today in water and after DOD/LN2. Addict : do you have make test in air/water with the XOC bios ? Thanks Asus France, Addict and Elmor.
  11. Hello, do you have informations for the GTX 1080 Ti ?
  12. CornerJack

    ROG Crosshair VI

    ,Hello elmor, do you have news for firmware for OC Panel I ? or an idea to find an OC Panel II
  13. CornerJack

    ROG Crosshair VI

    A word about my bad experience yesterday. I prepare my article on the Crosshair and I make a series of benchs at 3600MHz. I shut down, I make a clear, I reboot and then ... debug led 27 I tried everything: other memories, VGA, PCIe, ... nothing After 1 hour, finally, I flashed the bios with USB Bios Flash Back and all seems correct. What happened ? :confused:
  14. CornerJack

    ROG Crosshair VI

    Thanks Elmor