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  1. If you want, i have a binned 8700k, pm if you want more information
  2. Ilpingu

    CPU/GPU Pot

    Hi, if you want I have a cpu pot made by RSannino, but I think that shipping from Italy to Israel would be very expensive
  3. Sold, ty hwbot for the space, can be closed šŸ˜Š
  4. Bump, price is now 200ā‚¬ Plus shipping for a quick sale until 08/01
  5. I have one if you want, i live in italy
  6. Hi to all, i wish to sell my trident z kit, capable of 4200 c12 with 2.040vram 0.8250 dramm vtt, with tight timings and rtl all on air without temperature control just a fan pushing air on it. below some quick test with 7350k on m9a all on air, i can do further testing if someone need it. For a quick sale, price is now 200ā‚¬+shipping until the 08/01, after it return to 250ā‚¬+ shipping. regards.
  7. I, i have a 6.8 r15 8700k, but i never tested on ambient, if you want i can do the test you want.
  8. If you want i have a Gskill kit that does 4200+ 12-12 around 2.0-V gb3, not tested waza at 4200 but at 4133 it does around 1.97v if i remember correctly, but if you are interested i re does all the test
  9. Hi, if you want, i have a 6.8 r15/ 7.0 3d 8700k. P.m. Me if you are interested
  10. Hi, there are some possibilities of bioses with improved a2 pcb oc for m9a/mxa ?
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