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GtiJason a shady guy ?


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So I have recently been hearing rumors about myself that I believe to be untrue
I noticed that some have been connected with true statements I made
from quite a while back in team private chat so that may be why they have gone unnoticed
This is my attempt at addressing these concerns in an open and honest way
not unlike what might have started this mess in the first place, open honest discussion that is.
We will have to wait and see what the community thinks as a whole when this is all said and done.
Until then sit back, grab a bag of popcorn and let's see where this goes

Reading this not necessary to following along but it explains a bit about me (  tries to, quickly ) and how I ended up finding the OC community. 
Only a handful of my closest friends have heard this, that part I'm certain of :)


First off, I deeply care about this community and do not know what life would be like without it.
That is why I'm trying to be as open as possible about this not only for my sake but for the sake of the community as a whole.
January 2010 still living in the condo I bought when I was 20 (2000) I had finally had enough.
Too many "friends"and a neverending flow of drama and pain. Best friend lost ( passed away 2001 ) tore the real friendships apart
About 20 of us at my house playing pool when we got the worse phone call. Best friends brother on speaker phone
for all of us to hear. At the hospital, called to ask us for our blessing to pull Eddie off life support and end the pain.
( Obviously young and fresh out of college the only money I had was saved up mostly through my 4 year internship ( HS and Tech School ) 
as well as the little bit left from my skating career, so I bought a fixer upper since I found myself living at my GF's grandparents house. )
That saturday night shortly after he repainted the car I bought him ( 89 Scirocco ) as a thank you for constantly showing up
un-announced at my condo during the 6 months it took to remodel he was driving around the city visiting friends to show off the new ride.
He ended up getting pulled over by District 5 Police dept. so probably the highest crime spot in the city. They were supposedly looking for
a felon who was on the run and his vehicle matched the description. He was confused and had no idea what was going on resulting in the police
taking his life for doing nothing more than showing off his new to him car . . . banana the D5 police, they are well aware.
After this nothing was the same, long term relationships with SO's and lifelong friendships began to tear apart
At this time Milwaukee area crime and drugs were on the rise. We were emotionally still kids who grew up in the burbs
For those who failed to do the work and face what we had all been through trouble arrived quickly. Hard to blame anyone
when you know that kind of pain.

Back to Jan 2010 I knew I could no longer go on living in this mess, talked to my family who lived an hour west if they could make a spot for me. They asked what I would do with my house and how much time they had to prepare. I told them I've had enough so the sooner the better. I would call the bank, explain my situation, tell them I'd let the house go to bank auction where they would lose a lot of money and a week later we made a deal.
Starting Jan 20 2010 I made it a point to give myself 30 minutes every morning to take inventory on how I was feeling, remind myself why I made this change and promised to be open and honest with myself and to think things through before making any decisions, judgements or statements. At the end of the day I would take notes and write down questions ( to be answered the following day ) about how I was feeling about specific situations, relationships with people and career choices along with what I may be feeling like in general that day.
I still do this everyday and I feel like amazing things have happened because of it. Not many people conciously remind themselves of their core beliefs, values, goals and dreams on a daily basis and follow it up in the evening by writing down their thoughts and opinions about the day. I feel it could take someone who feels stuck on something in life and give them the strength and vision needed to make that next step
So 2010 to 2014 were very difficult times. I took myself away from everything I had known up to that point and knew I had a lot of learning and healing to do. I was always a very extroverted person always involved with interests that surrounded me with many people. Skating and touring with ASA which became the X Games (1995 - 2000) to becoming involved in Open ( Pro ) Disc Golf leagues, tours and events.
So now what, I'm stuck in my room with a laptop computer and started to become interested in this whole overclocking thing and by 2013 I started purchasing hardware to see what it was all about. Found R/Overclocking and starting begging Buildzoid to start a HWBot team since I knew he had already been active in the community at times. Needless to say I loved everything about the OC community, started to meet new people and actually had a reason to leave the house and socialize. So like I usually do when I find an activity or hobby I like dive right in and start taking it seriously.


That's enough about me, for those brave enough to read my wall of text shame I appreciate you. For those who did not I understand and respect your decision since time is our most valuable resource.

Back to what this is all about. I have heard things from time to time, usually from teammates that are newer to the team but not necessarily the scene. The basic gist of it is I am a scammer who lies about things he bins and hardware he intends to sell for profit. Now the way I see this is if I have sold something to someone the only way I would know if they were unhappy about the sale is for them to tell me or to ask for a refund. I have obviously had discussion with people I have sold binned hardware to (mostly ddr3 psc or sammy) about the settings I used or other settings to try if their imc behaved differently or they were using a different kind of motherboard and on rare occasion them being unable to match the last 20MHz or needing 1.920v to finish 32m when I binned it for 1.890 - 1.900v. When that happens though I need to explain that not only are my cpu's binned for mem OC but so was the motherboard ( Z97 OCF ). I can remember what I recall to be the first time I sold a kit of binned ddr3 and in talking with the buyer he had a motherboard I would hardly consider acceptable for this kind of OC and his cpu was just 1 of 1 so completely random. I know I've told this story several times so for those who have heard it skip ahead but I bought 5 different motherboards and 3 different cpu's before I was able to boot 2666c8 psc with proper timings ie cwl=6 . I continued buying and testing boards and even had issues with a known great itx 2 dimm board and a hardly retail orange 2 dimm board was no walk in the park when compared to my beloved Z97 OC Formula.

OK I'm getting off topic. What I am asking of you the community is if you have heard of anyone that feels cheated by a purchase they made please send them here, and if that person was you please join the discussion. Post a quick (or detailed) explanation of why you feel cheated and If myself or general concensus agree's I will send you a full refund via Paypal without the need to return the hardware since I sold things 2015 - 2021-ish and the hardware might be gone etc.
Please keep this topic about me and only me, I'm sure many of us have had our share of issues over the years but I would like to keep this thread open for a good period of time to give everyone and anyone the chance to come forward and explain their case. Obviously if you have any info regarding the sale such as the For sale thread, private messages, public messages or Paypal receipts that would be helpful but not necessarily required. I do try to save important information and have an 8tb hard drive devoted specifically for all things OC / computer hardware. So it could come in handy if someone tries to pull a slinky and profit off this thread without warrant . I hope this makes sense, I tried to do it off the cuff so to speak as I believe that approach to be more genuine than someone who writes something that has been reviewed by friends and family, gone through several revisions, proof read looked at under a microscope ie too perfect and sterile to be from the heart. And on that note .  .  .
Let the games begin !

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Mysterious I can understand, but shady never. In all my experiences with you, you've been open minded and passionate in both learning and teaching. Heck, you tutored the guy that taught me how to OC in the first place! 

I haven't personally bought from you in a while but I believe I understand the difficulties binning brings. Board, CPU, temps, humidity, specific tertiaries, specific bios settings/version, OS, testing methodology, and many more factors play into where your memory tops out. This has come from my experience testing B-Die over the last couple years.

I'd say you're one of the people I trust, and that's something I really value.

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@GtiJason was the only reason I started benching. I was just some rando in a rookie rumble, Jason found me, messaged me, and then brought me into a community that I never knew existed. Through him I met so many people. He thought me so much in the beginning. Gave me hardware that I still have to this day. From 2668C 8-12-8-1 PSCX to sammy Ds. The list goes on. From my perspective, he is one of the pillars of my XOC experience that I will remember forever.  He drove all the way from Wisconsin to meet me in person at a friend of ours house in St. Louis. To say Jason is a shady person, is something that I will never understand. 

Shout out to @mllrkllr88cuz I'm a random person like that. 

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I don't think I've bought anything from you, but I did sell some stuff to you a while ago and I remember we chatted a bit about PSC binning and stuff, you've always struck me as a nice guy. You're one of the more prominent names in DDR3 binning as far as I'm concerned and, when I was getting started in DDR3 a couple of years ago, I was glad to find a bunch of posts from another US guy on the topic.


On 5/15/2022 at 8:27 PM, GtiJason said:

he bins and hardware he intends to sell for profit

Man, anybody who accuses people of binning for profit has no idea what they're talking about. You have to be really passionate about OC to bin, and absolutely insane to bin at scale. I've lost more money than I care to admit because of binning, lol.

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I know you 12 years !

Friends on FB, talked a few times.

Never did any business transaction, but your whole presence, way of talking and writing, show a serious gentleman. 

Sad to see such rumors hanging in cyberspace, 110% untrue.

Let it go. Meaningless.

Thru the years I have heard a few things about myself. I did not even raise an eyebrow.

Do the same.


George :)


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