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  1. For sure an interesting result for generic ddr, maybe more for benching than freq, if it bench close to this freq!
  2. Not more than 2.8v as this stick is a great bencher, i dont want to risk it, im really hopping that your sticks scale with cold, really nice ic, maybe it change everything for freq !
  3. Nice result, whats max benchable frequency ? and timing, interesting ic for sure!
  4. Voltage tolerance, for sure its more harder to find. hyper all the way, bdbg is great when you pass the point that fsb/ratio is too high for hyper
  5. Link here : http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?199241-3-5-divider-on-X38-P35-X48-P45-is-broken-is-2-3-in-reality-on-400-strap
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