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  1. In stage 1, i understand that 2 thread cpu is accepted ?
  2. Allowed, unlock only, disable core is not allowed!
  3. Thanks leeghoofd to take your times for the community. That would be a great competition!
  4. Max 32m stable ddr2 frequency Would be fun too, or something like that
  5. Any number with your 2 kits of hyper ?
  6. I manage to valid 685 pretty easy and 692 not valided, 700 is doable i think with good pot on NB.
  7. I know , before when i test this chip on Canadian chiller, im really impresse, but a this point ! Crazy. Need more cold and efficiency, this is just a quick test, i’l do more than 6.03 on superpi but not manage to screen shot it
  8. Little G for a spin, not in the list P5g43t-m pro, on weak core !
  9. On this run the trfc is high but after im almost pass 32m at 48 !
  10. On this run the trfc is high but after im almost pass 32m at 48 !
  11. Powerchip, this score is only at 2.220v, need to be cold :)
  12. gtxx58

    search l3014

    thanks for pushing !
  13. impressive, not efficient but pass 32m and not micron d9
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