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  1. Its just a story of strap limitation and chipset, all my chip do it!
  2. Thanks for sharing this info, so if it about 420 bclk wall i think its more a core wall or board it self between chipsets, im sharing some info of my expérience in next 2-3 week
  3. Any good information how to bin a Sempron 45nm properly, limited on fsb side or htt or core, any info would be helpful. Thanks edit : any cbb or cb, memory limitation or strap and difference between chipset.
  4. Testing the new ep45t extreme on air, tricky board but when you know how it works !
  5. This will be a great comp, i hope to be here the following year !
  6. thanks guys, at that point i think the pot is simply not able to accept more voltage, resulted in increase in temps, need more cold to scale !
  7. my score was removed from stage 3 and i dont no why, all is here and system info is here, i reposted it. if my score is not legit a lot other is not, system info is missing everywhere !
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