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  1. All sold, can be moved.
  2. Gonna PM. All pending for now.
  3. Got some old CPUs from Solidton's remains as he is at least taking a break, hopefully not quitting for good. All of the CPUs I tested very briefly on X58A-OC to confirm functionality. 2x 990X late 2010 batch CPUs. Tested very quickly for 4.8 ish wprime32m and both seem to be able to pass it with 1.45-1.5v with very strong water cooling but Rampage 3 should be a tiny bit better for the vcore requirement. My 7.2g 980X was around 1.4v for that same test. Could be decent on cold for multithreaded tests. Then 1x X5560 and 1x X5687 Xeons. Only tested for functionality, no OC results because I don't have time for these for now. Prices: 990X: 110€ + shipping cost like envelope per CPU X5560: 15€ + letter X5687: 20€ + letter
  4. And note to @TerraRaptor, there are many Rampages just like other X48 boards that can't run the most important straps at all, so the 200mhz and 266mhz straps. That already makes the board a handicapped one. Getting to 2000mhz is not all, with how many straps and performance levels tells you more.
  5. One 2009 stick and one 2010 stick but I think they all do this just like my own old GTX2 and China 2000 C7 dom GT. Voltages for 2000 6-7-5-18 1T were 1.78-1.79, 1.79-1.8 and 1.81 for the sticks.
  6. Rampage Extreme Nismo Edition + GTX2. 2200 6-7-5-21-60 1T is very well possible with PL5, 2210 close as well.
  7. Yeah my better run crashed at the very last second. This is a very painful thing to run on LN2.
  8. Video of Port Royal and Fire Strike Ultra Hall of Fame record scores.
  9. Video of Port Royal and Fire Strike Ultra record scores. @chispy @CENS @Leeghoofd @unityofsaints @George_o/c
  10. Proof videos are on Youtube, both the entertaining one and the full version. @Leeghoofd @George_o/c @chispy @CENS
  11. Yeah that whole thing is a joke. For the last 3 submissions or so he has always had same clocks, only the score somehow goes up over and over again. @Leeghoofd @chispy
  12. Last C5F still available and ready to go.
  13. 50.703s my best this far. Tested many OS, only thing leaving me behind is the RTL.
  14. Last board still available, not abused on cold that one.
  15. Bump for the last motherboard if someone wants.
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