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  1. Just saw you got to full pot with the pink paste. So it gives good hopes.
  2. Beer team gathers in Thailand.
  3. Truly unique pack, any rough ideas on way to ship and could discuss further @TaPaKaH
  4. bump for E770 if someone still wants.
  5. Windows XP SP4 is quite fast also from the get go, but slows down after loop 3 or so although having a really fast initial.
  6. Thank you, just 500x9 flat. Idea is to see os performance as I have tried so many different operating systems and combinations over the years. Variation is so high on 775 when it comes to OS.
  7. @Noxinite @ObscureParadox @TaPaKaH @5erveD @websmile @unityofsaints @yosarianilives @GtiJason @scannick @kintaro If anyone has time to try that would be appreciated!
  8. This is the best score I managed to do with 500x9 Wolfdale with new OS and good memory config. If someone can do better at 500x9 flat then that would be nice to see so that I need to improve. Any Wolfdale E8400-E8700 is fine but 500x9.
  9. I have repaired two dewars this way and the performance is great. My valve that I use is not the most suitable one for vacuums but it still works. I recommend you use boiling water to heat the inside part of the dewar to like +80c or so for better performance.
  10. Did some PSC testing in ages with new L310B488 4770K that I got on OCF. Bad CPU core wise but really really good IMC. I got my Patriot 2500 CL9 Sector 5s up to 2850-2860mhz stable with 8-13-8-28 1T and tight sub timings, 2860 always crashed at loop 16 so it is close. I even tried 2900mhz with identical timings and passed 1M, but 32M is instant falure of course. Scaling is insane, they scaled well up to 2.08v and I was too afraid to push more just on air. with 1.96v they max out at around 2800 8-12-8-28 1T and 2.08v allows 2850+. @TaPaKaH @yosarianilives @GtiJason @Noxinite @l0ud_sil3nc3
  11. I have somewhat ok A0 stepping 980X if you are interested, those are rare.
  12. Luumi


    SOLD already .
  13. Video proof: @Leeghoofd @TAGG @unityofsaints @ironbrillopad
  14. Yeah definetely get something decent from the get go, so that you don't find yourself upgrading soon again. Venom/T-REX/F1 Dark would be my choice.
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