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  1. Thanks to both of you Phil and Stavros. I honestly admire your GPU and your consistency when it comes to full pot.
  2. I have spare TEK 9 FAT as well and Ryba Fat pot.
  3. Board still available if anyone wants.
  4. CPU sold as well, can be moved.
  5. Pot sold, shaved price on 4790k.
  6. Up for sale some more gear. 1. 4790K Vietnam batch Strong on ambient cooling, already made a video of testing this one out on the Z97 OC Formula. Was 5.1ghz 1.33v. Check the video for in-depth details. Accurate voltage requirements always depend on motherboard and cooling used but the CPU is good. Delidded and can use the TIM of your choice. Price 210€ + shipping 2. Bartx RAM Eco pot Not used that much, only selling the pot so no heatsinks. Most of the insulation still in place. If a probe is needed I can provide it, also a spare voltcraft meter should be around if that is needed too. SOLD I can accept both paypal and iban bank transfer. EU is preferred but open to deals with anyone. Offers are welcome.
  7. One board still available.
  8. IMC was quite flaky at 2800. I was expecting at least 6.2 R15, more like Jokot style.
  9. Not only about the CPU, the board is absolutely amazing. Take your golden E8600 and drive here man, we can have the pinnacle of 775 Super PI 32M with beers.
  10. P45 no need. Yes @TaPaKaH I hoarded it back. My guess was correct that the max freq would be around 5.05 ish for multicore. @Eisbaer798 just need to bin but single core is hard.
  11. It requires to be patient yes, but the paste spread always looks kinda awful here after the dry temperature difference is excellent and full pot for long periods of time.
  12. ICON original is the one with the holes and more for temperature control, not the best for full pot. The latest revision of ICON has much better internals. @unityofsaints
  13. I have dead MOCF, pretty sure it is fixable.
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