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  1. Apparently @Niuulh is going to prison too... @Radi @FireKillerGR
  2. I can comment on this too. Around same time as Stavros I got the good 7970 matrix from him which he tested recently. The core has crack on edge and it barely works, like the cooler must have extremely low pressure to run driver in OS. When you put any load on the card it goes black screen. The guy is really a whack head who seems to damage hardware and then recup funds for new by selling stuff via pms.
  3. For some reason I have better performance with TRCD 8 compared to 7 on X58.
  4. Most importantly it is awesome to hear the site will be kept roughly the same as it has been.
  5. Found a brand new 52-2 for decent price on Ebay, so I think it will do for now.
  6. Any Q822A or Q820A is good choice if it has the correct PCB batch. Q837A is different.
  7. Up for sale last 3 remaining G470 CPUs, which I haven't run in ages. Each is a complete question mark as I never really went forward with this project. Even the Albrecht record CPU is from this lot, which still rules X265 for G470. All sold I still also have many old CPUs left which I can let go.
  8. What is the condition? Let's talk in pm
  9. Looking for a dual input Fluke thermometer. If you have some spare then give a price, hopefully in a good condition. EU preferably due to customs but all are welcome.
  10. I could have some Q837A left if you want
  11. Direct die isn't always very constant. The custom IHS is really good.
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