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  1. "Other" for: GPUPI 3.2 - 1b to keep global points for GPUPI. I'd also like to see added 3.4 when it's ready. Y-Cruncher 1b. How about at least hardware points? XTU RIP
  2. Why should I bother to compete if there is no "Apprentice" league? It's even worse for enthusiasts who use no active cooling. In my opinion, mixing the cooling techniques into one league does not force enthusiasts and apprentices to upgrade to LN2, it forces us out of competition.
  3. jab383

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    CN's example was done with 'balanced power' in windows rather than the 'performance power' setting. The CPU has speedstepped down to idle at 1600 and doesn't show the clock speed used in the run.
  4. jab383

    Division II submission error

    Submissions work in all 5 stages now. Thank you. Another question comes up though. Single-threaded SuperPi-32m, Div II stage 3, is being ranked PER CORE. Is this intended?
  5. I tried to submit 3 scores in division II today and got the following for all 3. Screenshots had the background and the required form blanks were filled. Maybe this is why division II is empty.
  6. jab383


    Interested in a local event? Sure.
  7. jab383

    Challenger Divisions I II III new scenario

    I just noticed a change in DIV I restrictions. Instead of allowing only i7, the restrictions now prohibit 2011, 2011-3 and 2066 sockets. DIV II and III still allow only i5 and i3 respectively. The effect appears to be that i3 CPUs like 7350K can be used in DIV I. The two-core processors could have a competitive place in the challenge if their PER CORE scores are high. Do PER CORE stages use the number of cores in the actual CPU (2 for 7350K) or is PER CORE scaling limited to 6 and 4 cores for the i7s?
  8. jab383

    Challenger Divisions I II III new scenario

    Differences in number of cores is usually handled by "per core" scoring as Websmile mentioned. As long as "per core" is applied to all the stages sensitive to core count, the playing field is nominally leveled. We don't have to rush about in a panic looking for binned CoffeeLakes, or worse, the very few and now rare OC motherboards for the unique CPU pinout. The Pro OC stages have an even worse issue with the wide range of core counts among Skylake-X CPUs. I'm looking forward to seeing notes on the stage pages about the "per core" scoring.
  9. Thanks. That hot card sure ate a lot of it. With dry ice, the OC BIOS could run without drooping volts or clocks.
  10. I think it's the 'https:' Try entering the link without 'http://' or 'https://' and let the bot insert that part. Thanks for working on that stage. I did challenge you to beat my score, now i have to live with it.
  11. For the geekbench stage, many of us have used a geekbench validation link. Is this correct, or do we need a CPU-Z validation link? The geekbench validation shows no nickname anywhere. Thanks for blocking my oops early enough to get it corrected.
  12. That is a flow meter showing liters per minute. The brand is Koolance.