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  1. Also seems to be missing the rendered picture
  2. The crash on save in 3.2 happens when hwinfo has not been initialized. It needs to be initialized just once each time a GPUPI window is opened. After that once, hwinfo can be turned off for slightly faster runs. That score difference with high thread count could be fun to try to figure out.
  3. Is an audio channel operating? I got the same until it ran with an audio driver installed and the windows audio services running.
  4. Congrats to macsbeach98. Great job. It's been a good learning experience for me as I know it has been for others. Looking forward to a re-run next year.
  5. 5980X and others that use X99 chipset use socket 2011-1, which is not socket 2011. Ivy Bridge are the latest CPUs for socket 2011.
  6. So I can use the GTX 1080 ti for divisions II thru V, just change the CPU? I really expected the allowed GPU to scale with the divisions. In HWInfo, are Bus clock, System agent clock, CPU usage etc. really required? Only core clocks are constrained. The contest pages still require positive CPU temperature and temperatures in HWInfo.
  7. The contest is running and has submissions. It's getting late to be imposing rules and requirements. Let's get them settled and clearly posted somewhere official, please. Futuremark system info already does CPU clock monitoring over the whole run. The result is visible at the FM link that's already required. An added monitor might be needed only in the Heaven stage. I'll re-run my submissions when you're ready.
  8. Yes, IMO, in as much as it addresses the compatibility and vulnerability issues that have been the point of many complaints.
  9. I take it by "stock" you mean air cooled. If so, you probably need to say it in such terms. There are many AIO hybrids and some full cover water blocks factory stock. For instance, I have Classified Hydrocopper GTX 580 up through the K|ngp|n Edition 2080 ti which is a hybrid. I may not submit in many stages since I have so few air cooled VGAs. Perhaps DIV I and/or II could use water blocks?
  10. XP support for the Z390 Dark is out -- check Kingpin's post in the OC Forum on the EVGA site. Availability of the Z390 Dark in Germany is the same problem as availability of the Apex XI in the US.
  11. Thanks, marco.is.not.80. Core clock was run as shown on DICE. What does not show is the -2 multiplier setback for AVX that takes effect in most of x265.
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