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  1. The link to Geekbench 4 on the Benchmarks page downloads version 5.3.2. The working link for v.4.4.4 is on the rules page linked in Leeghoofd's top post.
  2. I think the general rules need something more in the area of video drivers. 2.2 General Verification Rules say: "For many UL 3D benchmarks, HWBOT requires a VALID verification link: This means that no LOD (Level of Detail), nor Tesselation Display Driver tuning is allowed. Hardware and Display Driver must be recognized/approved by UL Benchmarks." 3.2-A Video Card Drivers says: "Unlike Futuremark/UL, HWBOT allows people to use whatever driver they feel is best for their videocard, be it an official or beta version of the videocard driver." These seem to contradict since the Drivers statement does not exclude UL benchmarks.
  3. Are moderators prepared for the workload? I can see members checking everything -- everything -- that's not listed as allowed in the rules just to avoid getting banned. How many times do you want to judge each tweak that each member brings up? Over and over... The list of legal tweaks may not need to be complete in every detail, but the lists of allowed tweaks should probably be longer than they are on the current rules pages.
  4. If it's rendering the same scene as R20 and testing the same processor features, what is added by running this bench? If it's really testing things not included in the other versions of Cinebench, then I think one shot rendering is best.
  5. nick_name: Please don't rely on someone else's tests of tweaks like GPUPI batch size. Your results will differ depending on many things. In this example, number of cores, core clock, process priority, memory size, memory clock and size of cache all make differences. I know it takes a bit of time to go through many combinations of batch and reduction sizes and more to have to do that for every CPU/memory combination you want to bench. That's the beauty of a complex, variable set of tweaks like in GPUPI -- it rewards effort.
  6. Offline benching needs no anti-virus nor firewall or any of those other resource leaches. That's tough when using your 24/7 rig for benching, though.
  7. I see that big difference between the overkill bars when priority is above NORMAL - in either Win 7 or Win 10. Try all the priorities and take a peak in task manager during the run to see what actual priority is being used for the workload processes.
  8. Thanks, Marco. CPU has more to go. I was being gentle on non-scoring benchmarks.
  9. I'm having trouble getting into Win7. All cases read a little of the OS to the point of entering Windows, then immediately reboot. BIOS is 0069 with ucode - it will boot into WIN10 and run properly. Attempts: Win7 sp3 image loaded onto nvme. Includes z390 chipset driver, also includes the usb drivers provided my Noizemaker that run z390 usb in Win 7. (another thank you to Noizemaker) Win7 image with x299 chipset driver loaded on the nvme. Win7 installation ISO on a USB drive Legit retail Win7 installation CD connected through either PCH sata or asmedia sata port. Any help? What am I missing?
  10. We have to update 3dMark 11 to version 1.0.179 (was 1.0.132) at the same time as updating to the latest System Info versions. Check which 3dMark 11 version you are using.
  11. Symptoms in the OP are exactly what I get when the audio devices are all disabled, no driver is installed or the audio services in the OS are disabled. Heaven Basic requires a complete audio channel to be enabled and functioning -- at least up to the speaker, which can be muted thankfully.
  12. That $399 is the sort of competition that will have an impact on the other manufacturers. It may be worth watching a while longer.
  13. Did this just yesterday: OS Win 7 Pro 64 SP1. Driver AMD 15.200.1062.1004. No difficulty with the latest 3dm11 and SysInfo 5.26 combination -- benchmark ran and produced submissions. With 3dMark, specifically FireStrike, latest version and SysInfo 5.26. I get the message "System Info has stopped working" -- reason APPCRASH -- after it scans long enough that it usually finishes. 3dMark hangs waiting for SysInfo. Three SysInfo processes are left open in Task Manager: Helper, Scan and EasySysInfo. Closing 3dMark and trying again gives the same message, hang and 3 more processes open. Unless they are ended in Task Manager, these open processes build up with each retry. Terminating the built-up processes does not change performance. When I turn off SysInfo, the benchmark runs. When SysInfo is enabled to scan, but NOT monitoring, the benchmark runs. The hang etc, happen when SysInfo is set to Monitor hardware. My guess from this and the timing of the "stopped working" message is that SysInfo has trouble in Win 7 with the transition from scanning to monitoring.
  14. That's just what I did without realizing the order was important. Thanks.
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