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AMD Kabini Athlon 5350 at 2.7GHz (23.6s 1M)


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No, it's not necessary. I think +0.2V will work as well as +0.3V.


I think the maximum for this chip is 132FSB with NB/MEM at highest dividers. I get screen corruption afterwards, perhaps due to IGP. Maybe I should try a dGPU. With lower NB/MEM I can go up to about 145FSB and 2.83G but the performance is a lot lower. I guess cache is linked to NB frequency.


HWBOT Prime performance isn't too bad either! 3700-ish points for a 25W chip.







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Yeah, I tested both CPUs, 5150 1.6 GHz Athlon (2CU) and the slowest 2650 Sempron (1CU). Sempron seems lazy, but with Athlon Kabini I was happy in most daily tasks.


Btw, I got wall at 142 MHz bclk or so..Graphics errors at LCD, SATA problems. I used classic HDD in AHCI mode and HDMI cable

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