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it wasn't precised that background is mandatory, but ok i will take note of it for the next submits ^^


A lot of competitors for a "novice" challenge that's really nice !


It does:




Only use AMD processors.

Processor speed is limited to 4571 MHz.

No engineering samples and no elite league members.

All participants must use the competition wallpaper found here: click

A verification screenshot is required.

Please attach a picture of your overclocking rig.

Only members of the extreme, enthusiast, novice, rookie league may participate.

Processor cooling is limited to Standard Stock Cooling, Air Cooling, Water Cooling.

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Please note window 8 is not allow. Please read Rules & Guides.


OC4DOGE participate I mention 3 times follow the rule nobody abide by

Organizer please assist in this matter. it is not fair for us who follow the rules.

This is a community competition can we make it a good sport

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It's """difficult""" for rookies to take care of reglementations.

We (my team's captains) repeat regularly the submission rules, explaining the reason of reports without systematically press the red button... there is work xD




Edit : Yeah i didn't take for myself, just a global remark ^^ i totally agree the reglementation system of Hwbot.

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