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I dont have the reference point of past comps to compare this one with personally, but for what its worth, I'll share my views on the final structure.....


1. I can live with the fly in / fly out restrictions personally. Understand that MSI dont want us playing with other vendors at the same time, as long as the logistics work for flights etc (I dont want to be sitting in an airport for 15 hours waiting for a connecting flight in HK just because they want me out of Taipei)



2. Competition Hardware - I find it really strange that we are being sent a Z97 board that we probably already have, but not the video card that is not available retail and nobody (or very few people) have actually seen or used. We have no real setup time prior to the comp starting, and have 2 hours to learn the card and spit out world records in the process. I am always up for a challenge, but this seems crazy to me if MSI want the best results.....



3. Weighting of Classic Battle versus No Limits Battle - it seems the winner will be whoever has the most cash, not the best skill with the current format.


My maths might be a bit rusty - but there are 8 graphics card tests that have the potential for either hardware top scores or a global top score. So being a pessimist and only focusing on harware top scores, if I turned up with 3 GTX760 cards and did a great job in clocking, I could earn 2 hardware points for 1, 2 and 3 card setups, over 8 tests, and there is 48 points. Twice as much as the Classic Battle winner, and I have 12 hours to do it :) What if I turn up with 6 cards, or 12? Just think of all the points I could earn running Crossfire / SLI on air :D


Of course I will need to take out a new mortgage to buy all 33 graphics cards I need to guarantee victory......



4. Timing of No LIMITS Battle - linked to the point above, I can actually stop benching in the Classic battle one hour before the end and start posting scores in the No Limits one - more points to be had, so why not......not sure this is what MSI really want in terms of focus for the event

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Kind email to MSI was sent. I pointed out valid arguments, hope other will do same and MSI will listen to us :)


I think you are absolutely right MSI will listen to us


My plan with this thread is that we can send a single message to MSI

that speaks for all involved. This way MSI is not going to get 19 emails telling them we hate the rules


we can also find a good solution for how we would like the rules to be and send a proposal to MSI


I don't think we should be talking about boycotting the MOA or turn it into a beer competitions it does nothing good for MOA

there is lot of time to change the rules


there is only ourselves to blame for the short time in Taipei this year

there have been some who have visited other manufacturers the last few years. so I can understand MSI

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