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Rampage III Black Edition issues in high bclk and uncore


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I need some advices regarding this mobo.I am trying to push the uncore/bclk/ram but i don't have so much success in oc-ing this thing.


My test system:


* CPU – Intel i7 920/ Watercooling

* MB – Rampage 3 Black edition /Bios 0602

* VGA – 8800 gt 512

* RAM – 12gb G.Skill TridentX @ 2600 cl 10-12-12

* HDD – Western Digital WD1500HFLS VelociRaptor

* PSU – Antec Hcp 1000

* TIM – Arctic Mx4

* AMBIENT - 25*


I cannot find a template bios for the damn thing,only for vanilla edition.

What works so far is:

uncore 4200 @ 1.5v qpi- but not in combination with high blck and high memory

bclk -220 boot in windows-but not in combination with the other

ram-nothing works as it should


I will start making a template and post it here to be more easy to suggest things.





Target CPU Frequency 4200MHz

Target DRAM Frequency 2005MHz


AI Overclock Tuner [Manual]

OC From CPU level Up [Auto]

CPU Ratio Setting [21.0]

CPU Turbo Power Limit [Disabled]


>CPU Configuration----------------------------

CPU Ratio Setting [21.0]

C1E Support [Disabled]

Hardware Prefetcher [Enabled]

Adjacent Cache Line Prefetcher [Enabled]

Intel® Virtualization Tech [Disabled]

CPU TM Function [Disabled]

Execute Disable Bit [Disabled]

Intel® HT Technology [Disabled]

Active Processor Cores [All]

A20M [Disabled]

Intel® SpeedStep Tech [Disabled]

Intel® C-STATE Tech [Disabled]

C State package limit setting [Auto]



BCLK Frequency [225]

Bclk Enhance [sweet Spot +1]

PCIE Frequency [100]

DRAM Frequency [1803]

UCLK Frequency [4068]

QPI Link Data Rate [8120Mt/s]


Memory Recheck [Enabled]

Memory Configuration Protect [Disabled]


Cpu Qpi Strenght [Auto]

Alt Qpi Strenght [Auto]

First 2 slots Pcie Strenght [Auto]

Last 2 slots Pcie Strenght [Auto]



CPU Differential Amplitude [Auto]

CPU Clock Skew [Auto]

IOH Clock Skew [Auto]

------------ Extreme Engine Digi+ ------------

Digi+ PWR Mode [T-Balanced]

PWR Volt. Control [6-10V]

Load-Line Calibration [100%]

CPU Voltege OCP [Disabled]

CPU PWM Frequency [Auto]


Extreme OV [Disabled]

Extreme OC [Auto/Mode 1/Mode 2]


CPU Voltage 1.310 [1.31250]

CPU PLL Voltage 1.812 [Auto]

QPI/DRAM Core Voltage 1.415 [1.42500]

DRAM Bus Voltage 1.654 [Auto]




IOH Voltage 1.244 [Auto]

IOH PCIE Voltage 1.508 [Auto]

ICH Voltage 1.111 [Auto]

ICH PCIE Voltage 1.510 [Auto]


---------- Spread Spectrum Control -----------

CPU Spread Spectrum [Disabled]

DRAM Spread Spectrum [Disabled]




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Is that 3x4GB of RAM? What ICs?


Nehalem was better tuned for 2GB sticks and most IMC started to flake around the GHz mark, the IMC load might be too much



BCLK scales with PCI-E speed, try 115-120 if possible. I noticed that PCI-E slot 1 allowed pretty crazy PCI-E bus overclocks, but not slot 3



I'm sure there's more, but it's been a while since I used X58.

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Guest TheMadDutchDude

Kenny hit the nail on the head. You need to increase the PCIE frequency. I can get 230 BCLK out of an X58A-OC at 107 MHz but I haven't experimented with anything more just yet.

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Hi guys,i already took out the platform,too many days wasted :D. I will put it back soon after i test a little other platforms not to be nervous anymore.


Pci-e dosn't affect the bclk in my case,from 220 with pci- e 100 it doesn't do bclk 222 not even ifi put 217 pci-e..

Bios is 0602.

I didn't try with hypers,i saw better efficiency at others ,in low clock spi with samsung ic so i put these ones straight.

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My cpu should reach 4700 uncore on air,like on classified e760.

Also i can do prime 95 stability test on air at 4600 mhz with 1.37v,if this is crap....i'm Bin Laden.

@Leegfold,i didn't try slow mode because it affects spi32m,any stability obtained with slow mode is pointless for me at this moment. I will mount again the platform tomorrow to follow your advices,maybe something will come up with this :D.

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