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Hd 3870x2


Should the HD3870X2 = single card or CF/SLI rankings?  

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  1. 1. Should the HD3870X2 = single card or CF/SLI rankings?

    • single! It is a single card that uses one socket, so it should be treated like one.
    • sli/crossfire! It may be a single card, it uses crossfire to put 2 cores on a single pcb.

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lol queen


right or wrong one thing is for sure


unless the next gen of single gpu cards are faster then the 2x no one will buy them


so you have taken control of the global benching market with this


manufacturers will be unable to sell single gpu cards to benching teams

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As I said Nvidia is around the corner with the 9000 series witch will smoke ATIx2 again.

I don't know if HWbot has that much influence on the Graphics card market. ATIx2 for the price is fantastic deal for the performance.

Its about sales to them. They don't care about us unless they are not making a profit. This setup is in a new class all its own. By design,,,ATI,,for profit..

It is not in the same league or class of anything that has been standard.

Single, Crossfire, or SLI,,,So judge it fairly on facts, and not by what people think it should be.

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  • Crew

i dont think single gpu is dead, look at 3dmark2001 my favourite game, so far its dominated by single card, and this is argueably the most skillful 3d bench...


i agree its hard to keep up if you want to be on top, but does anyone really need to be on top, alot of the hardest to get scores are the ones at the top of popular classes, 2900s, gts, gt, if you can get scores at the top of this range, these people can be proud of their achievements

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Because lot's of tweakers have recently invested in 8800GT(S)'s and can't be at the top, I assume. :D




i think you miss my point a little on this


there is a great deal of fun to be had benching the simplest setup


1xgpu and 1xcpu is the the most basic 3D setup that can be benched


and for that reason alone i would leave the 1xgpu in there own class

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What i see a bit of "unfair" and sorry for the OT, it's the fact of older scores being dramatically lowered in hwboints as soon as new gen kills the latest one


i see my 3D scores with single 8800 worthing a crap of 4 points at max :o , when i remember being 3rd only behind hipro and Vince in the single rankings, i put a lot of effort and LN2 in those runs and now i could get the same points benching two very very old CPUs at stock :S


i think more weight to the hardware hwboints should be addressed, especially those benchs with a lot of competition like 2900s or 8800GTX/Ultra



sorry for the OT :P

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Predator, we will increase the amount of hardware points gained in popular categories shortly. As a matter of fact, we already did that adjustment, but we removed it before upgrading the engine as we want to be 100% sure the end effect is better than before. :)


Ahhh, yeah i knew you did it, and i thought it was being currently used :P


thanks for the heads up :)

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