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SB on Z77

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Guest Bullant

Z77 and SB work great bass not sure if its better or worse for efficiency then P67,Z68 as I've never tested it,you can see few of us have used it on the 5ghz times,you wont be waisting your time with Z77 SB


Not sure about your board as I've never tested it either

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One of the issues with SB is the low limit on memory clocks due to the DDR3-2133 multiplier being the max. So you'll be looking at either Hyper or PSC/BBSE for top performance. Hyper didn't do particularly well on Z77, but I think PSC/BBSE was fine.


I think many Z68 boards were more mature for SB than P67 ones.

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This might give you major headaches, a lot of board/imc combinations weren´t able to run 32m hypers, they produced instant freezes or shutdown at tight settings. Good luck


Pretty sure the chips is junk so this may not be happening... Just going to cool it down to verify max 54x multiplier :(

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For me P8P67 DELUXE was junk with Hypers, I had much better results with the UP5.


I had about 1L of LN2 left and had just warmed up the pot a bit to get it off the G3258 rig and decided just to set it on the 2600K to see what was up. I navigated the BIOS for about 5 minutes and then it crashed. Bootloops from there. Pretty sure some of the ice that had formed on the pot melted and went into the socket/onto the board. Since there was no insulation it shut down pretty quickly.


That's what happens when you DGAF :rolleyes:. Will find out this evening if anything died.

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