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[FS] Dominator GT 3x2Go 2000c8 // 3770k 7Ghz+ // 4930k GOLDEN


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For sale, 3x2Go of corsair dominator GT 2000c8-8-8






Price 80euros (without shipping)


Send from France

Ship world wide. Price without customs fees and shipping.




not for sale yet, but need estimation for :

- i7 3770k. This chip is really good, 7Ghz+


I really think it can bench 1M higher than 7G.

Already 6.99Ghz with only 1.9v. All other cpu higher than this one have higher Vcore 1.96-2v




Try only 1 or 2 times under cold for 1m, 32m, pifast....




not for sale yet, but need estimation for :

- i7 4930k. This chip is really good, the best in the wolrd




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dat 3770K :eek:


Amazing chip. I'd say you could still get close to $500 out of it. Do you remember what volts it needed for 5GHz? 1.20V or so?

5 What ? :D


My CPU-Z start working after 6Ghz only :D


no, I don't remember, and i'm even not sure that I tried it on air/wc hahaaa.

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Rams from Wizerty recieved today. Very nicely packaged, each ram with sticker that it was tested OK and date of the testing. Professional ;)

Thx Wiz for the nice MSI bracelet, lol :P MY GF seems to like it... but I bet she more like that I will no more canibalize "her" PC, when I need rams to test ;)


No damage, MSI X58 Pro-E posted with these triplechannel rams right away and just fine.


Wizerty seller reputation +1 :D


Proofs: http://valid.canardpc.com/g8j4hi (need 1.72Vdimm to be benched at 6-6-6-18 timings, tough)


SuperPi 6-6-6-18 1T 1.72Vdimm




Cinebench 11.5 (32bit only OS&test, so score suxx) 6-6-6-18 1T 1.72Vdimm






On more serious note, they can do 7-7-7-20 1T @ 903MHz:



And the look is impressive:

MSI_X58_Pro_E_Corsair_Dominator_GT_from_Wizerty.jpg MSI_X58_Pro_E_Corsair_Dominator_GT_from_Wizerty2.jpg MSI_X58_Pro_E_Corsair_Dominator_GT_from_Wizerty3.jpg MSI_X58_Pro_E_Corsair_Dominator_GT_from_Wizerty4.jpg



So, dealing with Wizerty was friendly (he even send the rams when I send at first only about half the payment, as there was not enought money on the PayPal account) and I could only recommend him.


...now off to play with new things :nana: Thanks, Wizerty!

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