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[FS] 6700K 5 pieces !


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Allright gentleman i have for sale 5 pieces of 6700K.All like brand new ,original box and invoice included with warranty papers ofc.


3 pieces,mediocre cpu's (like all retails) i believe 2 will enter windows at 1.50V,only tested for 5 minutes 350E each piece.If someone wants all 3 i can make little discount.


1 piece 5 ghz 1.48 windows boot,cinebenc 4800 1.42 375E


1 piece 5 ghz 1.46 windows boot,cinebench 4800 1.38 420E.


This one is delidded with kryonaut grizzly under ihs and black silicone like factory,perfect mounted like new.


All prices includ shipping in EUROPE but buyer must pay Paypal taxes(or western union i dont care)


I am not interested in trades and if someone gets all 5 cpu's i can make good offer.As i said all cpu's are boxed,retail with papers and stuff.



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