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[FS] 4790K Great !


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Up for sale my great 4790K .


It does:


5 ghz 1.18 S-pi 32M

5 ghz 1.24V cinebenc R15

5 ghz 1.25V XTU


Water results.


What's most important,it can bench 5900-6000 3dmark2001 under a single stage with -55 load temperature,5600 XTU and 5800 2003-2005-2006(5700 cpu test).Under dice -62 it does 5950 3dmark 2003 and 2005.You can check out my profile for full results,it is a great cpu for hw points and ideal haswell for single-stage or cascade.


Cpu is delidded with gelid under hood,sealed back.


Top shape,never degraded since benched with care,good imc,2720c8 tight and 2980 c9 sammy gtg.


I am asking for 600E in paypal account shipped in Europe.


This will be available only for a few days,considering getting 2nd card for Galax qualifier.











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actually is funny because even if you own a good skylake this cpu would be better for water/single stage users.Ofc it can't match skylake XTU but for everything else it is slight better,running almost 6g at -60 or benching 5300 on water yields better scores on water/ss than even a good piece of skylae...

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Looking forward to it :)

I believe this chip can do 5.1G as well. Let me see if it is stable in RealBench @5.1G or maybe 5.2G ? :D


Pretty sure this cpu can do this before it even has its first cup of morning coffee. XTU can be a tough bench to complete and this i7 slay's it without trying. For me the one and only concern is what is the CB temp. as it has already proven itself to be a solid 10 in all the other categories.

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