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FS: HyperX Fury 3200c12 binned for hot


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Binned each stick at 3200mhz

12-15-15-28-280-1t super tight 2nd and 3rds


On Z170 OCF


These handle higher volts and are on the same PCB as the ES AFR! Binned 40 sticks to find these.


1.66vDimm in bios or better


$100 each stick shipped USA / International please pm country for expedited cost.

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Just wow :(


Time = money, and binning 40 modules in single channel operation to find the best ones takes both the former and the latter so . . . .




People forget what top bin memory costs, even just a few years back I remember paying $650 for my quad 2400 c8 RipZ kit, and about the same for some of the first single sided MFR (Vengeance 3000 c12) during Ivy generation, want the best be prepared to pay.


And lets not forgot this is the best spec of memory you can get to try and qualify for HOT so do as Allen did and bin bin bin or pay the man.


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