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No scores, no points, nothing...

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Hello Hwbot Staff.

I did try to post 2 cores, and is not possible to see my scores...

I did post... wait for 3...4...5 hours... and nothing...

So... removed and post again...1...2...3 times (explorer, chrome, mozilla)... and still no scored...


Can you please help?


That's 2 x World Records Catzilla 720 and 1440.






Also not helps to add some photos or comments.... lol


Appreciate your help


Ronaldo rbuass

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I dont mean to sound rude but you dont need to open a thread in the forum for that, links to the scores would have been helpful and also if you delete them all it is not going to help.


I undeleted two:




They will be ranked in a moment


I don't intend to be rude when open topic.

According my understanding, the "name of the topic" includded "BUGS", and it's souds like a bug.


I has talked to Pieter under Facebook, after hours after posted and before deleted scores, and since he was in vacations, I decided to ask for moderation to see.


Well, maybe you did't understand... will try to clear...


1- I posted score...

2- After few seconds... score was posted in 1st Page... with points... but 63752 appear in 2nd place after 62XXX....

3- then update page one minute after, score no more appear in 1st page...

4- First time I have deleted the score, was about 3 or 4 hours after post (and talk to Pieter)...

5- Then I have posted again... and that scenario has repeated...


Well... what I mean is that after post... few seconds, score will appear in 1st page with points...

But don't right at 1st place (NA) in the score... and 2nd place in the ranking... then Vanish...


So... after to post more than 1000 scores, and never happen nothing like this, I kindly open a topic.



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