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[FS] Rotary single stage [DE]


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i´m selling my good unit because in the last months time alocated to overclocking are less , one reason are the actually prices on the newest hardware on the market , witch kill the legacy 3D , old hardware and overclockers too .


this unit is responsable with many of my submission here on hwb! can bench universal hardware , because of his universal mounting kit´s, all kind of cpu´s and gpu´s aswell .. tunned for about 300W load at -43*C to -45*C

unloaded -54 to -57/-58 depens of what ambiental room is! , for example now in the august month 30 C+ degree room , -55*C

i made this unit few moths ago , was done for me only , not for sale purpose..


all parts are NEW with invoice , compressor and condensor , also line set is from BartX , including suction line , evaporator and mounting kit... all CNC quality.




compressor: rotary 11000 BTU/h , 19,3ccm , overload protector included by manufacture and suction acummulator that any rotary used( one reason that i love rotaryes)

condensor : LU-VE Contardo STVF-16224 Air Cooled Tubeless Steel Condenser , 1385W

use Lu-Ve because is one of the best quality condensor of the market , they are small at the same capacity compared with another condensor brand!, material used are steel!!

XV: 1mm refco cap tube

20 g Alco filter dryer

4 digit digital thermometer with PT100 sensor probe!

base plate: multiplex with 4 gumy legs ( 30x15mm ) for siting on the desk/ vibration less!

evaporator : stepper BartX rev2.0 45mm diam 50mm tall , universal mounting kit.


suction line steel flex DN12 with protection steel mesh , about 1,3 meter long!

R507 refrigerant!


also i want to mention that all joints are brazed with cuAg5% rod , and ports of the condensor with CuAG55% and evaporator aswell!!


i´m asking about 750 euros , in Germany i cover the shipping , other EU region buyer cover the shipping!


bank transfer or paypal (buyer cover fees)


unit will be shipped ONLY in EU , because of his weight via DHL!! and because the compressor will work only 220V/50Hz

20160812_1220540e9snx.jpg 20160812_12212058s5m.jpg 20160812_122321b0srj.jpg 20160812_122521ssskf.jpg 20160812_122549y4sko.jpg 20160812_1226128esdt.jpg 20160812_1226286rs65.jpg 20160812_1227260bsu7.jpg 20160812_12325506sfn.jpg





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