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wPrime --->checksum(invalid)<---

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Good evening guys,


I had a very big problem today...


I started with 70 lt of LN2 to make some benches. I already have a very good 3k3 single which i will post it very soon..


Let's now get deeper inside to my problem. For start i tried to play wprime 32m. I began with a first hard disk and i tried twice but the submision was invalid.

Then i change hard disk with other os and three times try and again the same thing.Also i download it again from your server but again the same thing.

Here are all the screenshots about that and cpu-z validation.










What is going on with this benchmark that it is made from you..?

Do something about that we must now. If i play 1024m and wait 6 minutes, spending a lot of LN2 for trying and to see invalid these is too bad.


Let us know what happens with that bench.


I can submit only image without online validation like other members do but i want to now what i must do.


I think there is a big problem.:confused:

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you can also save the results to submit later when you're back on normal cooling.


i had an invalid submission once where the bench was done with cool n quiet on but when i went to submit, i had turned cool n quiet off and it made an invalid checksum.

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i have a similar problem.

I bench and save my result to a file,but when i try to load the file it says invaid checksum,and it wont let me open it.

I cant submit right away online,cause the os I use for benches is with no internet services,so i have to reboot each time.

Could someone tell me whats going on?

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It's a bug in version 1.55 that occurs when one or more of the bytes in the checksum is smaller than 16 causing the checksum, when converted to ascii represented hex (as stored in the save files) to be shorter than 8 bytes. This was corrected around v1.58.


You can load the score in version 1.63 and submit from there, it shouldn't have a problem with hwbot as long as the score was done in v1.55.

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