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Please do NOT "cook" your TIM


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I just came across this guide:




I know that his intentions are good and he wants to help our community but you should never ever "cook" your TIM unless you know exactly what is inside.


Depending on the TIM you have different types of polymers as matrix materials and the gases can be toxic if vaporized.


edit: Also: there is no water inside polymer TIMs.

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The paste helps to conduct heat but on the other hand the conductivity itself is quiet bad so you want the layer to be as thin as possible. Less fluid TIMs can't fill micro gaps and tend to build a thicker layer between the two surfaces which means the result will be worse.

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As I do understand the point you are making here as less fluid tim would be worse to spread into the micro gaps.

But it seems to work accoording to Barbonenet in order to keep the cracking in order.


Like the question Sparks.nl askes a few days back to keep the paste from cracking. There were several good tips about avoiding the crack. You gave a good option to.


In what way should people now be adressing the problem. Because imo the problem is the cracking.

So if we can't heat up the tim. Not cooking tho. What would be the better option.


Heat up the pot with the tim allready installed ?


I am fully aware that heating tim isn't actually the best option. Ur probebly gonna get some really nasty fumes.


Just brainstorming about the problem not trying to be a prick ;-)

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No need to cook it ,just heat it with a heatgun till it becomes less fluid,then u are good to go. Idea is good,execution is horrible.


That's the same thing. The heatgun easily has 500°C and more.


But it's your health :P I can only say that I mounted and benched hundred of times with Skylake and Kaby Lake and maybe once in 20 times I have cracks and I never dried any paste.

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